23:48 Ticket #8721 (kmod-sched pakcage depends on kernel vesion closed by jow
invalid: Closed due to user request
23:11 Ticket #8729 (Leds, button and board id for WNR854T) created by Tanguy Pruvot <tanguy.pruvot@…>
unified patch for WNR854T leds, ticket #8160
22:03 Ticket #8728 (After flash new firmware 10.03.1-rc4 to my RouterStationPro I am not able ...) created by anonymous
Hi, I am beginner. I am flashed to my RouterStationPro new firmware thru …
16:40 Ticket #8727 (NETGEAR WNDR3700v2 support) created by Mark Mentovai <mark@…>
For tracking. The WNDR3700v2 is a minor hardware update to the WNDR3700. …
16:26 Ticket #8726 (qt4 package should support openssl) created by anonymous
Attached is a patch that makes a new option for the qt4 package called …
13:53 Ticket #8724 (LuCI parsing password bug) closed by jow
fixed: See http://luci.subsignal.org/trac/changeset/6789
11:24 Changeset [25097] by juhosg
generic: remove en25pxx support patch, it is in mainline since 2.6.36
09:57 Changeset [25096] by kaloz
[target/orion]: drop 2.6.32 support (next target is 2.6.38)
02:12 Ticket #8725 (Changeset 25094 breaks hostapd compile in trunk (source file not found)) closed by nbd
fixed: file uploaded to the server
01:25 Changeset [25095] by nbd
kernel: when bridging, do not forward EAP frames to other ports, only …


20:50 Ticket #8725 (Changeset 25094 breaks hostapd compile in trunk (source file not found)) created by anonymous
as per title. Here the compile report: […]
19:54 Changeset [25094] by nbd
hostapd: update to 20110117
19:54 Changeset [25093] by nbd
mac80211: update to wireless-testing 2011-01-24
19:00 Ticket #8724 (LuCI parsing password bug) created by gyrfalcon16@…
LuCI messes up and parses passwords when they're entered. For example if …
18:09 Ticket #8723 (Remove software RAID (MD) CONFIG_* from device mapper section) created by MacBruins
These two lines should be removed from the device mapper section of …
18:01 Ticket #8722 (wrong wireless drivers in wgt634u profile) created by anonymous
Incorrect wireless drivers are selected in the wgt634u profile in both …
15:57 Ticket #8721 (kmod-sched pakcage depends on kernel vesion created by Del
Current version of OpenWrt, 10.03.1 rc4, uses Hence …
14:42 Changeset [25092] by tripolar
[openssh] update openssh to 5.7p1
14:06 Ticket #8720 (disabling big file support results in busybox failing to compile) created by Zhang Chi <zhangchi866@…>
Tested targets: ixp4xx, ramips When support for big files id turned off …
13:52 Changeset [25091] by kaloz
[target/orion]: add missing symbol for 2.6.38
13:51 Changeset [25090] by kaloz
[target/orion]: upgrade to 2.6.37
13:36 Changeset [25089] by kaloz
[target/generic/2.6.38]: refresh patches
13:33 Changeset [25088] by kaloz
[target/generic/2.6.38]: replace the mips_boot patch with one that makes …
13:18 Changeset [25087] by kaloz
this missing header patch is way too old for any sane software to depend …
13:16 Changeset [25086] by kaloz
remove mips gcc4 inline patch - fixed upstream
13:11 Changeset [25085] by kaloz
platform specific patches don't belong here - take #2
12:49 Changeset [25084] by cshore
[packages] miniupnpd: Bump version to 1.5
12:01 Changeset [25083] by kaloz
platform specific patches don't belong here
10:40 Changeset [25082] by kaloz
[toolchain/uClibc]: update to latest git
10:39 Changeset [25081] by kaloz
[target/generic]: refresh 2.6.38 patches with -rc2
10:00 Ticket #8719 (multiple vlan config broken on WRT160NL r25061) created by WTGPhoben
I previously had a working config for two vlans in r22454. See last …
08:52 Ticket #8718 (disconnects with ath9k) created by anonymous
Now, this problem persists for over one year: after some time (~24 hours) …
07:41 Changeset [25080] by kaloz
2.6.38 supports xz ramdisks, too
01:32 Ticket #8717 (Add hostapd mac filtering support for mac80211 based builds) created by anonymous
As per wiki documentation mac80211 doe not support mac filtering. openwrt …
00:58 Ticket #8713 (Samba installation & configuration problem) closed by swalker
duplicate: Dupe of #8712.
00:43 Ticket #8716 (uci-defaults scripts for ar71xx accumulate entries for leds in ...) created by anonymous


22:03 Changeset [25079] by nbd
backport files/ symlink overwrite fix from r25078
21:59 Changeset [25078] by nbd
allow files/ to overwrite existing symlinks (fixes #3508)
21:28 Ticket #8715 (compiling fails because libtinfo is not created) created by MacBruins
While compiling on 64-bit Fedora 13, failure occurs in alsa-utils: […] …
21:27 Ticket #7128 (LuCI Essentials -> Network -> Wifi Scan Resets Network) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed in both backfire and trunk with switch to luci 0.10
21:25 Ticket #8696 (Luci 0.10 omits custom files located in /etc from backup in Backfire) closed by jow
invalid: Closed by user request.
20:31 Ticket #8714 (Problem of booting/running Backfire on Cyrix/NatSemi/Geode chipsets ...) created by Gordon Freeman <deusex25@…>
Gents, I have a problem of booting Backfire 10.03 (x86-combined-squashfs …
20:30 Changeset [25077] by jow
[packages] ntpclient: mark conffile
20:30 Changeset [25076] by jow
[packages] samba3: mark conffiles
20:28 Ticket #8713 (Samba installation & configuration problem) created by Gordon Freeman <deusex25@…>
Hello, guys. Initially I've got a problem with samba installation. …
20:26 Ticket #8712 (Samba installation & configuration problem) created by Gordon Freeman <deusex25@…>
Hello, guys. Initially I've got a problem with samba installation. …
20:16 Changeset [25075] by blogic
[lantiq] * adds arv4518pw mach support * fixes arv4525pw * make sure all …
19:39 Ticket #8711 (drivers buggy in 10.3) created by normunds
in recent test on atheros wisoc 2317 we found drivers in 10.3 are …
17:47 Ticket #8710 (RFE: Set permanent IP on IF underlying PPPoE) created by owrt@…
I have a DSL modem connected to an ethernet port of my OpenWRT router, and …
17:42 Ticket #8709 (RFE: add way to pass --dhcp-ignore-names option to dnsmasq) created by owrt@…
I don't want DHCP-supplied hostnames overriding DNS, and dnsmasq has the …
15:06 Ticket #8708 (Installing some packages overwrites existing configuration files.) created by anonymous
Though it is possible to use /etc/sysupgrade.conf to have some …
13:51 Changeset [25074] by blogic
[lantiq] adds machtype for ARV7518PW
13:43 Ticket #8707 (video killed the internet star) created by anonymous
Watching HD videos (high data rate over wireless lan) on different video …
13:12 Changeset [25073] by blogic
[lantiq] remove deadcode from [25072]
13:08 Changeset [25072] by blogic
[lantiq] * fix pci support for more than 1 device * fixes ioport mappings …
13:06 Changeset [25071] by blogic
[uboot-lantiq] add support for arv4518 and arv752DWP22 boards
11:02 Ticket #8706 (6in4 running before DHCP discover - unable to determine local IPv4 address) created by anonymous
The 6in4 script seems to be unable to determine my local IPv4 address …
07:52 Changeset [25070] by swalker
[packages] tor-alpha: update to (CVE-2011-0427), refresh …
07:51 Changeset [25069] by swalker
[packages] tor: update to (CVE-2011-0427)
00:11 Ticket #8705 ([ImageBuilder] Cannot install package uboot-ar71xx-nbg460n_550n_550nh) created by Nilfred <nilfred@…>
How to reproduce: […] Output brief: […] There is an empty folder …
00:10 Changeset [25068] by blogic
[geos] * Make sure that Geos baud-rate defaults correctly Changeset …


23:45 Ticket #8700 (Backport r24742 to Backfire (remove /etc/banner from being preserved at ...) closed by jow
fixed: Merged with r25066 - thanks for reporting.
23:44 Changeset [25067] by blogic
[linux-atm] * bump to 2.5.2
23:44 Changeset [25066] by jow
[backfire] merge r24742 (#8700)
23:43 Changeset [25065] by blogic
[geos] * adds sane default uci environment * adds sane default package …
22:04 Changeset [25064] by mirko
[packages/gpiotoggling] add package which allows toggling GPIO ranges in …
21:38 Ticket #8704 (Ath9k kernel Oops AR5416 AR5133 Routerstation Pro) created by anonymous
OpenWrt-Trunk Rev 25060 default kernel. I randomly get a kernel oops …
19:19 Changeset [25063] by axel
[packages] bmxd: move to git repository at bmx6.net
18:07 Ticket #8703 (Wifi crash) created by misiospam@…
On tp-link tl-wr1043nd after transferring large amount of data through …
16:19 Changeset [25062] by nunojpg
[packages] nmap: update to version 5.36TEST4
15:24 Ticket #8702 (New package: libevent 2.0) created by obsy
Please, add package libevent2, it is required by new transmission version …
14:00 Ticket #8701 (bridging two VLANs "swallows" IP packets on bridge) created by sborilla
I'm trying to bridge two VLANs on an TL-WR1043ND. The /etc/config/network …
09:46 Ticket #8700 (Backport r24742 to Backfire (remove /etc/banner from being preserved at ...) created by hnyman
Check-in r24742 removed the file /etc/banner from being included in the …
06:44 Ticket #8699 (some sysctl network options installed too late) created by b.julin@…
Network options in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/default/* must be applied …
04:05 Ticket #8698 (Samba3 compiling into a build causes it to fail in use) created by Steve <ccdoggy2@…>
I compiled a build for my wndr3700 a few days ago, installed it and have …
01:53 Ticket #8697 (Fix WLAN LED on the DIR-300A board) created by m2rk@…
Wlan led on that router does not work as should be. Always off. Status LED …


19:36 Ticket #8661 (problems with N mode on tp link 1043ND) closed by nbd
worksforme: I'm not aware of any general 802.11n client compatibility issues with …
19:33 Ticket #8695 (regression in ath9k config) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r25060, r25061
19:32 Changeset [25061] by nbd
ath9k: backport menuconfig change from r25060
19:32 Changeset [25060] by nbd
ath9k: kmod-ath9k has no extra menuconfig options, remove MENU:=1 (#8695)
19:09 Changeset [25059] by nbd
ath9k: backport ps wakeup/restore fixes from r25058
18:54 Changeset [25058] by nbd
ath9k: fix some ps wakeup/restore issues that led to crashes and other …
18:52 Changeset [25057] by kaloz
[target/generic]: preliminary 2.6.38 support
18:15 Ticket #8696 (Luci 0.10 omits custom files located in /etc from backup in Backfire) created by hnyman
Backfire was recently upgraded to use Luci 0.10. After the change, the …
14:08 Ticket #8695 (regression in ath9k config) created by anonymous
I want to build an image for my wndr3700. Tried the trunk and the latest …
14:04 Ticket #8683 (minstrel: validity time windows per neighbor) closed by nbd
wontfix: When I wrote the first mac80211 minstrel implementation, I did experiment …
12:20 Ticket #8694 (Set upload/download to kilobits (1000 bits) in miniupnpd UCI config to ...) created by anonymous
Despite xDSL rates are commonly provided in Kilobits (1kbit = 1000 …
09:52 Ticket #8693 (aiming to integrates ruijie authentication) created by tpuu01yzx@…
ruijie authentication for gzhu
09:42 Ticket #8692 (usb hub disconnects port) created by Euphorbium
When I connect arduino to usb hub and write something to it through serial …
02:43 Changeset [25056] by nbd
ath9k: disable PA predistortion on AR93xx for now until it is properly …
00:35 Changeset [25055] by nbd
ath9k: remove virtual wiphy support - it was only experimental anyway and …
00:35 Changeset [25054] by nbd
mac80211: add a few tx related fixes
00:35 Changeset [25053] by nbd
mac80211: update to wireless-testing 2010-01-19


19:53 Ticket #8690 (Add UCI support for miniupnpd permission rules) created by anonymous
In addition to its secure mode miniupnpd also provide a way to restrict …
18:33 Changeset [25052] by acinonyx
[package] qos-scripts: Rework qos-stat script
14:46 Changeset [25051] by nbd
mac80211: fix the br_port_exists compatibility macro for 2.6.38
12:26 Changeset [25050] by hcg
[gumstix] update package dependencies
07:20 Ticket #8685 (transmission-daemon: Bus error when watch-dir is used) closed by obsy
worksforme: watch-dir requires inotify enabled in kernel, which is not default in …
03:02 Ticket #8689 (HSFC problem with default command) created by josephlanders@…
Scenario 1) I had a working script with two IMQs and 2 HSFC …
01:43 Ticket #8688 (gdb: missing dependency) created by m+openwrt@…
01:28 Ticket #8687 (Save Pseudo-Random Number Generator (LRNG) state during shutdown) created by anonymous
[http://www.pinkas.net/PAPERS/gpr06.pdf Analysis of the Linux Random …
01:01 Ticket #8686 (Add support for rc.shutdown script) created by anonymous
It might be nice to have a rc.shutdown script just like rc.local adding …
00:48 Ticket #8685 (transmission-daemon: Bus error when watch-dir is used) created by m+openwrt@…
If i set the watch-dir option of transmission, transmission display "bus …
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