23:51 Changeset [25379] by nbd
mac80211: backport wds station fix from r25378
23:50 Ticket #8806 (fail to configure multi-essid interface trought uci) created by anonymous
As summary suggest when I setup two AP on the same radio it fails. The …
23:38 Changeset [25378] by nbd
mac80211: when operating as a 4-addr station, do not pick up 4-addr frames …
21:40 Ticket #8805 (Actuate rtorrent build process as required in official site) created by Levon Avagyan <levon.avagyan@…>
In the official site
20:52 Changeset [25377] by mb
tint2: Use the cmake framework
20:50 Changeset [25376] by mb
cmake: Pass VERBOSE=1 to the generated makefile to reveal flags and …
20:46 Changeset [25375] by loswillios
[pulseaudio] install header-files, fix modules installation, remove …
20:42 Changeset [25374] by loswillios
[libmpd] update to 0.20.0
20:40 Changeset [25373] by loswillios
[mpdas] update to 0.30
20:39 Changeset [25372] by mb
cmake: Remove -O3 from release CFLAGS. Honor the OpenWRT -Os flag instead.
20:31 Changeset [25371] by mb
tint2: Fix compile
16:23 Changeset [25370] by blogic
[uboot-lantiq] * reorder patches
16:08 Changeset [25369] by blogic
[madwifi] * fixe up ifxmips patch for eeprom emulation to work with lantiq …
15:17 Ticket #8804 (Patch: Add suport for dnsomatic to ddns-scripts) created by anonymous
The attached patch adds suport for dnsomatic.com to ddns.
14:18 Ticket #8803 ([kernel] Enable hso on gemini platform) created by Linux571@…
Patch included.
11:36 Ticket #8802 (uClibc build for gemini target fail) created by Linux571@…
Step to reproduce it: * svn co svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk/ * cd …
09:47 Ticket #8801 (AR71xx: kernel build fails if USB and power management are enabled at the ...) created by servilio@…
If CONFIG_PM and USB are enabled at the same time, the build process …
01:03 Ticket #5397 (Atheros: can't set channel 14, even with the right country code) closed by nbd
worksforme: why did you reopen the ticket?
00:57 Ticket #5397 (Atheros: can't set channel 14, even with the right country code) reopened by ARPcPro
Hello, My dlink dva g3170i works. I'm able to define channel 14. I also …
00:05 Changeset [25368] by jow
[package] base-files: remove remaining conffiles reference to /etc/banner


23:49 Changeset [25367] by blogic
[lantiq] * adds ath5k platform support * adds several new profiles
23:48 Changeset [25366] by blogic
[lantiq] * fixes old ifxmips in header file * pass default ebu value to …
23:46 Changeset [25365] by blogic
[uboot-lantiq] * tftp name was not in sync with that generated by openwrt
22:04 Changeset [25364] by nbd
kernel: merge the eap frame drop fix for the bridging code from r25095
22:04 Changeset [25363] by nbd
mac80211: merge fixes from r25358, r25359
19:27 Ticket #8800 (nzbget fails to compile against openssl 1.0.0c) created by arokh <trondah@…>
mips-openwrt-linux-uclibc-g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. …
13:58 Changeset [25362] by jow
[packages] scmpc: fix linking with openssl
13:53 Changeset [25361] by jow
[packages] nbd: use nls.mk (for now)
13:50 Changeset [25360] by jow
[packages] gst-plugin-base: use nls.mk (for now)
13:16 Changeset [25359] by nbd
ath9k: reduce false positives in the baseband hang check
13:16 Changeset [25358] by nbd
mac80211: drop retransmitted data frames from the cooked monitor interface …
12:35 Changeset [25357] by mirko
[packages/xmlrpc-c] - level up to svn rev 2080 - remove unneeded patches …
11:29 Ticket #8799 (uClibc 0.9.32 compilation error - (x86 platform) - latest trunk) created by anonymous
make[4]: Entering directory …
10:38 Ticket #7970 (Failed to build openwrt with eglibc 2.12 and gcc-4.5.1) closed by florian
09:16 Changeset [25356] by hcg
[omap35xx] gumstix: create ubifs images
06:17 Ticket #8798 (iSCSI support) created by openwrt@…
I see openwrt has NBD and AoE packages - would it be possible to get iSCSI …


23:43 Changeset [25355] by jow
[package] base-files: don't stop hotplug events for ppp interfaces, …
23:34 Changeset [25354] by jow
[package] base-files: make the skipping of ppp interfaces in 10-net …
23:30 Ticket #8760 (disable telnet if an SSH public key for root exists) reopened by steelman <stlman@…>
Just as I received the notice I realised that tests in the patch are not …
23:02 Changeset [25353] by jow
[backfire] merge dual stack firewall
23:02 Changeset [25352] by jow
[backfire] drop firewall v1
21:48 Ticket #8797 (Incorrect revision (r23885) in /etc/banner) created by anonymous
I run the latest dir-825-b1 trunk snapshot, from 2011-02-03. …
21:34 Changeset [25351] by jow
[tools] libtool: fix misspelled procedure name…
21:04 Changeset [25350] by jow
[packages] weechat: fix autoreconf
20:46 Ticket #8594 (GNU libiconv is not working with glib2 now) closed by jow
fixed: A generic stub/full switch was implemented in backfire and trunk now. …
20:13 Changeset [25349] by jow
[packages] yapsnmp: fix various autofails
19:45 Changeset [25348] by nbd
openssl: update to 1.0.0c Signed-off-by: Peter Wagner <tripolar@…>
19:23 Changeset [25347] by nbd
tor: add geoip package Signed-off-by: Peter Wagner <tripolar@…>
19:10 Changeset [25346] by jow
[packages] send: resolve header clash with libconfig
18:53 Changeset [25345] by kerneis
[package] babel: new upstream release 30 January 2011: babeld 1.1.0: * …
18:34 Changeset [25344] by blogic
[lantiq] * fix usb compile warnings * fix timer header file which broke …
18:33 Changeset [25343] by blogic
[uboot-lantiq] * make baord names consistent
18:16 Changeset [25342] by jow
[packages] libsdl-mixer: fix autoreconf
16:58 Ticket #7672 (New board : edimax PS1208mfg) reopened by clemvangelis
Thanks hauke, it works well except for a bug in trx2edips which was making …
15:59 Ticket #8796 ([PATCH] transmission: don't link libevent) created by anonymous
#25253 changeset […]
14:22 Ticket #8795 (Completely clean WiFi settings from LuCI) created by babinskiy.n@…
I suggest to add future of run of a command "wifi …
14:00 Ticket #8794 (glibc 2.26.1 build error with uClibc) created by anonymous
[…] Plz take a look @ …
13:58 Ticket #8793 (enhancement to feed for revision support) created by anonymous
As maintaining running OpenWRT systems without upgrading to latest …
13:40 Ticket #8792 (ip6tables package md5sum mismatch for brcm-2.4 target in 10.03.1-rc3) created by ayers@…
Trying to install ip6tables (and ip6tables-utils) for 10.03.1-rc2 …
13:40 Changeset [25341] by jow
[packages] dmapd: use nls.mk
11:40 Changeset [25340] by jow
[packages] minidlna: fix iconv switch fallout
09:09 Changeset [25339] by swalker
[packages] btpd: add autoreconf fixup to prevent openssl removal related …
07:33 Changeset [25338] by hcg
[omap35xx] gumstix: Add u-boot package to profile
07:30 Changeset [25337] by hcg
[package]: uboot-omap35xx: Add uboot package for omap35xx platform
04:25 Changeset [25336] by swalker
[packages] ndisc: update to 1.0.0 * add missing libpthread dependencies …
03:59 Ticket #8543 (php5 fails w/ uClibC 0.9.32 - patch included) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r25335, it was actually a misspelled constant
02:36 Changeset [25335] by jow
[packages] php5: add upstream fix for "php_crypt_r.c:(.text+0x5a8): …
02:26 Changeset [25334] by mb
calvaria: Add basic PMM parser
00:13 Changeset [25333] by jow
[generic] update ARM mach-types


21:43 Changeset [25332] by jow
[phone] use nls.mk
21:43 Changeset [25331] by jow
[lxde] use nls.mk
21:42 Changeset [25330] by jow
[desktop] use nls.mk
21:42 Changeset [25329] by jow
[efl] use nls.mk
21:19 Changeset [25328] by kaloz
[toolchain/uClibc/git]: autodetect ARM variant/ABI setup based on the …
21:07 Changeset [25327] by kaloz
[toolchain/uClibc]: update to latest git version
21:06 Changeset [25326] by jow
[packages] elfutils: use nls.mk
21:06 Changeset [25325] by kaloz
[toolchain/gcc/linaro]: fixup arm soft-float symbols
21:05 Changeset [25324] by kaloz
refresh patch
20:38 Ticket #8764 (IFB package request) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Added ifb support in r25323.
20:37 Changeset [25323] by acinonyx
[package] kernel/modules: Add ifb module (#8764)
20:34 Changeset [25322] by kaloz
[toolchain/gcc/linaro]: add armv4 fixup patches
20:01 Changeset [25321] by acinonyx
[packages] flac: Refresh patches
20:01 Changeset [25320] by acinonyx
[packages] glib2: Update to v2.26.1
19:54 Changeset [25319] by jow
[packages] make libintl and libiconv stub/full implementations switchable, …
19:53 Ticket #8778 ([packages] digitemp: add ds9097u support) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r25318. Thanks!
19:52 Changeset [25318] by acinonyx
[packages] digitemp: Add ds9097u support (#8778)
19:51 Ticket #8760 (disable telnet if an SSH public key for root exists) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Fixed in r25317. Thanks!
19:50 Changeset [25317] by acinonyx
[package] busybox: Disable telnet if an SSH public key for root exists …
19:49 Ticket #8763 (Add libswscale as a package to ffmpeg) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r25316. Thanks!
19:48 Changeset [25316] by acinonyx
[packages] ffmpeg: Add libswscale package (#8763)
19:22 Ticket #8757 (Update serdisplib from 1.97.8 to 1.97.9) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r25315. Thanks!
19:21 Changeset [25315] by acinonyx
[packages] serdisplib: Update to v1.97.9 (#8757)
19:20 Ticket #8756 (Update libmms from 0.5 to 0.6) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r25313. Thanks!
19:19 Changeset [25314] by jow
[packages] subversion: fix autoreconf
19:19 Changeset [25313] by acinonyx
[packages] libmms: Update to v0.6 (#8756)
19:18 Changeset [25312] by jow
[include] autotools.mk: -B is not passed on by autoreconf, use -I instead …
19:17 Ticket #8779 ([kernel] Add w1-master-ds2490 module) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r25311. Thanks!
19:17 Changeset [25311] by acinonyx
[package] kernel/modules: Add w1-master-ds2490 module (#8779)
17:18 Ticket #8791 (Huge packet lost on WAN with Ubnt RSPro) created by michel.targo@…
Hi, I have huge packet lost over the WAN with the RSPro. The LAN is …
16:31 Ticket #8790 (Can't link with libuci) created by Dmitry Krylov <dmalkr@…>
I need to read some configs from my router's program, so I write test …
15:58 Changeset [25310] by hcg
[gumstix] Add support for ubifs
13:57 Changeset [25309] by blogic
[uboot-lantiq] * fix ram selection on arcadyan boards * fix make target …
13:45 Changeset [25308] by bud
Changeset 25113 bumped the version of package ntfs-3g to 2011.1.15 but …
12:53 Changeset [25307] by mb
calvaria: Fix dump
11:46 Ticket #8789 (Hotplug does not load wireles card firmware) created by matteop3@…
Hi all, I have a problem with my usb wireless card and at91 platform. …
03:36 Changeset [25306] by nbd
icecast: fix build, properly use libvorbisidec
03:36 Changeset [25305] by nbd
vips: use libtool/autoconf fixups, fix linker errors
03:36 Changeset [25304] by nbd
ustl: disable bounds check exceptions when not using libstdc++, fixes …
02:29 Changeset [25303] by jow
[backfire] merge r25302 - this is needed for upcoming changes in the …
02:26 Changeset [25302] by jow
[buildroot] prepare support for libiconv, libintl stub/full switching
02:23 Changeset [25301] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: Fix alsa raw audio device hotplug rule
02:16 Changeset [25300] by acinonyx
[packages] flac: fix autoreconf
01:58 Ticket #8788 (use built-in radvd automatic prefix selection) created by mrjoel@…
The radvd man page indicates that […] In the radvd init script, in …
01:43 Ticket #8787 (less package should depend on libncursesw not libncurses) created by mrjoel@…
The less package (full version, packages/utils) is listed as depending on …
01:23 Ticket #8786 (Zlib 1.2.5 compilation is failing) created by Ch. Exner <c.exe@…>
Hi OpenWRT-Team and developers, when I try to build zlib version 1.2.5 …
00:35 Ticket #8785 ([Patch] Backport WNDR3700 USB LED definition to Backfire) created by hnyman
Backfire is still missing the definition of the USB LED in its default …
00:32 Changeset [25299] by jow
[packages] htop: override runtime detection of /proc files
00:07 Changeset [25298] by blogic
[pjsip] * update to version 1.8.5 * add code to allow selection of …
00:03 Ticket #8746 (target x86 broken (R 25209)) closed by acinonyx
fixed: It should be fixed in r25283.


22:41 Changeset [25297] by nbd
miredo: add a missing #include to fix compile errors under uclibc 0.9.32
22:41 Changeset [25296] by nbd
ntfsprogs: add missing dependency on libgcrypt
22:41 Changeset [25295] by nbd
memcached: fix compile error triggerd by defining need_IOV_MAX too late
22:38 Changeset [25294] by blogic
drop uboot-ifxmips, use uboot-lantiq instead
22:25 Changeset [25293] by nbd
backport sitefile fixes for creal,cimag (r25292)
22:16 Changeset [25292] by nbd
add sitefile entries for ac_cv_func_creal,cimag - the functions are there, …
21:31 Changeset [25291] by nbd
gettext-full: fix path to libintl.h
21:31 Changeset [25290] by nbd
add a stub for libiconv_set_relocation_prefix (fixes gettext-full build)
21:31 Changeset [25289] by nbd
gettext: remove () around the N_ macro to fix packages that concantenate …
21:31 Changeset [25288] by nbd
libxml2: add a more reliable mirror, original site is down
21:31 Changeset [25287] by nbd
btpd: add missing dependency on libopenssl
21:31 Changeset [25286] by nbd
libtheora: add a build dependency on libvorbis to make autoreconf work …
20:31 Ticket #8784 (Encrypted filesystems in Openwrt in Backfire 10.03.1-rc4) created by anonymous
To use cbc-essiv:sha256 one needs to compile a custom image. Almost …
19:58 Changeset [25285] by nbd
linux-atm: fix path to the correct objcopy tool
19:39 Changeset [25284] by nbd
add a few missing kernel config symbols
17:57 Changeset [25283] by nbd
gcc: fix default version selection - fixes missing MPC configure error …
17:41 Ticket #8780 (Devnode /dev/mISDNtimer is generated in wrong place by hotplug2) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Applied in r25282. I also made the other rules stricter as a future …
17:37 Changeset [25282] by acinonyx
[package] hotplug2: Use stricter matching for rule regular expressions
17:22 Ticket #8782 (Not build libnl-tiny for eglibc 2.12) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r25281
17:21 Changeset [25281] by nbd
libnl-tiny: fix compile error with eglibc (#8782)
17:21 Changeset [25280] by nbd
eglibc: disable ssp, it breaks the build
17:21 Changeset [25279] by nbd
tools/mpc: add dependency on mpfr
15:37 Changeset [25278] by blogic
[lantiq] * adds profiles to the kernel * fixes 2 compile errors in the usb …
15:35 Changeset [25277] by blogic
[ifxmips] * drop codebase in favour of lantiq target
15:33 Changeset [25276] by blogic
[libtapi] should depend on lantiq and not ifxmips
15:32 Changeset [25275] by blogic
[lantiq voice] * rename voice package * sync with lantiqs release * make …
15:30 Changeset [25274] by blogic
[ltq-dsl] * rename lqdsl packages to ltq-dsl * small rework of packages * …
15:26 Changeset [25273] by blogic
[uboot-lantiq] * rework the arcadyan sku support * adds a few new boards …
14:18 Changeset [25272] by kaloz
config symbol cleanup
13:44 Changeset [25271] by kaloz
add missing symbols
12:37 Ticket #8783 (xz compression for squashfs in 2.6.38+) created by anonymous
The new kernel 2.6.38 features xz compression for squashfs, it would be …
11:21 Ticket #8782 (Not build libnl-tiny for eglibc 2.12) created by sav
Not build libnl-tiny for eglibc 2.12: […]
08:43 Changeset [25270] by cshore
[package]: block-extroot. Merged r25269. Fixed the (wanted) disabling of …
07:28 Changeset [25269] by cshore
[package]: block-extroot: Fixed the functionality that disables the …
04:26 Ticket #8781 (Reclaim unused space in WNDR3700 image) created by Mark Mentovai <mark@…>
Currently, WNDR3700 and WNDR3700v2 images use a fixed flash layout: …


23:29 Changeset [25268] by acinonyx
[package] base-files: Remove deprecated hotplug2 commands, update old …
23:06 Changeset [25267] by jow
[packages] rtorrent: don't use fix dep on xmlrpc-c after last commit
23:05 Changeset [25266] by jow
[packages] xmlrpc-c: don't use underscores in package names, it will …
21:16 Changeset [25265] by nbd
add a template for cmake packages
21:15 Changeset [25264] by nbd
add tools/cmake
20:57 Changeset [25263] by nbd
libnl-tiny: add unl a convenience wrapper around the libnl api
20:41 Ticket #8780 (Devnode /dev/mISDNtimer is generated in wrong place by hotplug2) created by arnysch@…
when loading mISDN_core.ko, hotplug2 is called with parameters: […] …
19:24 Ticket #8779 ([kernel] Add w1-master-ds2490 module) created by obsy
Patch included.
19:23 Ticket #8778 ([packages] digitemp: add ds9097u support) created by obsy
Patch included.
19:21 Changeset [25262] by obsy
[packages] transmission: update to 2.20b3
13:13 Ticket #8777 (kernel versions?) created by bartswinnen@…
How about supporting longterm kernel versions? Can this be made possible …
12:23 Changeset [25261] by hcg
[packages] cppunit: Fix install
12:16 Ticket #8776 (RTL8366S Jumbo Frame Support) created by anonymous
Is it possible to add support for jumbo frame on rtl8366s switch?
10:14 Changeset [25260] by swalker
[packages] tor-alpha: update to, add archive mirror
07:26 Ticket #8775 (Luci doesn't show bridge properly) created by Andrey <exxon@…>
I have bridge eth0.0-wl0 root@wl500gp:~# brctl show bridge name bridge …
06:33 Ticket #8774 (Luci has "dnsmasq" tab even when it's not installed) created by Andrey <exxon@…>
Luci has "dnsmasq" tab even when DNSMasq is not installed
06:11 Changeset [25259] by cshore
[package]: block-extroot: Fixed hang when no modules in on either squashfs …
00:35 Changeset [25258] by nbd
cfg80211: revert the max power patch - it seems to be limiting tx power …
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