23:29 Ticket #9696 (package perf does not build on Debian (trunk r27600)) created by maddes
Trunk: r27600 Feeds: none Packages: "Select all …
22:50 Ticket #9656 (Orion kernel does not build in current trunk (r27400)) closed by maddes
fixed: Yes, it is fixed. Will close the ticket.
20:12 Ticket #9695 (busybox: implement optional Ctrl-R history search) created by bas@…
The attached patch backports this commit from busybox git: …
19:28 Changeset [27601] by blogic
Version Bump Minidlna 1.0.20 Primary changes are adding support for …
18:12 Ticket #9694 (Error compiling compat-wireless in revision 27598 of openWRT) created by hakais@…
I get this error when trying to compile last openwrt trunk source code for …
15:44 Changeset [27600] by kaloz
[generic]: upgrade to 3.0-rc7
15:34 Changeset [27599] by kaloz
[toolchain]: In R27118, TARGET_FIX_V4BX_SPEC got lost in the linker …
09:55 Changeset [27598] by loswillios
[packages] lzo: update to 2.05
05:26 Changeset [27597] by nbd
ath9k: fix mic frame handling for bigger packets (backport of r27596)
05:24 Changeset [27596] by nbd
ath9k: fix mic frame handling for bigger packets
02:03 Ticket #9370 (Poor performance with ath9k under trunk r26836) closed by nbd


23:27 Changeset [27595] by jow
[backfire] switch packages feed to the 10.03.1 branch
23:25 Changeset [27594] by jow
[packages] move 10.03.1 branch to the right directory
23:19 Changeset [27593] by jow
[packages] branch off packages for 10.03.1
22:35 Changeset [27592] by kaloz
[orion]: upgrade to 3.0-rc6 and optimize for armv5te again
20:23 Ticket #9693 (Backfire ar71xx error: ath: Failed to stop TX DMA!) created by oss@…
There is no version of "10.03.1 RC5" but that's what this from, a recent …
18:52 Changeset [27591] by kaloz
fixup orion compile
17:12 Changeset [27590] by loswillios
[packages] lvm2: update to 2.02.86, fixes linux-3.0 compatibility
11:48 Ticket #9692 (wrt54gl v1.1 openwrt 10.03 router reset fail) created by edv@…
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir sind im Besitz eines Linksys wrt54gl …
11:03 Changeset [27589] by loswillios
[packages] pulseaudio: not supported in backfire release, requires newer …
04:27 Changeset [27588] by jow
[packages] re, restund: mark as broken, its buildsystem fails completely, …
02:59 Changeset [27587] by jow
[packages] mrd6: fix ambigious call errors exposed during backfire/avr32 …
02:10 Changeset [27586] by jow
[packages] weechat: need to link against libdl, fixes compilation on …
02:00 Changeset [27585] by jow
[packages] procps: attribute((constructor)) needs an arg for gcc >= …
01:39 Changeset [27584] by jow
[packages] tokyocabinet: add missing function nanl() to work with …
01:12 Changeset [27583] by jow
[packages] gw6c: switch to v5.1 as used by Freetz, the v5.0 seems to have …
01:10 Changeset [27582] by jow
[packages] mdadm: refresh patches
00:40 Changeset [27581] by jow
[packages] mdadm: add missing functions posix_memalign() and …


23:16 Ticket #9691 (iptables/ip6tables-utils package redundant) created by Gil Kloepfer <owrt0711@…>
The iptables-utils/ip6tables-utils package is redundant and simply places …
22:12 Changeset [27580] by jow
[packages] crtmpserver: properly locate toolchain on backfire
21:55 Changeset [27579] by jow
[backfire] backport r24631, needed for at least gstreamer on backfire
21:50 Changeset [27578] by jow
[packages] libcrypto++: fix compilation on backfire by getting rid of the …
21:40 Changeset [27577] by jow
[packages] dante: fix compilation with backfire
21:26 Ticket #9690 (mac80211 - compilation error after applying 022-atomic64_backport.patch - ...) created by telstar924@…
CC [M] …
20:51 Ticket #9689 (AG7240 Huge packet loss on light traffic) created by p.titera@…
I have problems with TP-LINK TL-WR741ND. I have huge packet loss on ping …
19:33 Ticket #9688 (hasciicam fails to compile on trunk) created by oss@…
[…] I've verified that all the video kernel modules are enabled as …
14:54 Ticket #9352 (usb-modeswitch not switching on boot.) reopened by Crazy
Hi, I don't know why but this fix isn't working with the new version of …
13:19 Ticket #9687 (Add support DLink DSL-2760U) created by anonymous
Please add support for DLink DSL-2760U Board-ID 96358VW2 it's very …
12:44 Changeset [27576] by blogic
wrong md5sum in ltq-ifxos backport r27575 to backfire
12:40 Changeset [27575] by blogic
wrong md5sum in ltq-ifxos Signed-off-by: Luka Perkov


18:58 Ticket #9686 (openl2tp package does`n build (rpcgen error) (ar71xx)) created by alexdsp@…
rpcgen from the toolchain have builded without "-M" option and therefore …
14:13 Ticket #9684 (Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H (Atheros AR7161): no power on USB port) created by technozen
OpenWRT loaded OK on (Japanese) Buffalo AirStation WZR-HP-AG300H. Nearly …
11:06 Changeset [27574] by nbd
mac80211, ath9k: update to latest trunk as of r27572
11:06 Changeset [27573] by nbd
hostapd: backport fixes from r27569, r27570
11:01 Changeset [27572] by nbd
mac80211: backport atomic64_t support for kernels that don't support it
10:35 Ticket #9683 (built-in ldd Segmentation fault on any library (trunk mips ar71xx)) created by technozen
built-in ldd works on executables: root@OpenWrt:/# which ldd …
10:04 Ticket #9682 (trunk package 'less' missing dependency 'libncursesw') created by technozen
Bug: 'less' missing libncursesw library package dependency …
09:28 Changeset [27571] by nbd
hostapd: refresh patch
09:20 Changeset [27570] by nbd
hostapd: send EAPOL frames using the same WMM queue as management frames - …
09:19 Changeset [27569] by nbd
hostapd: only advertise a single encryption type via WPS if multiple are …
08:30 Changeset [27568] by nbd
ar71xx: do not reset the hardware on transmit timeout - this would mess up …
08:29 Changeset [27567] by nbd
ag71xx: keep the rx engine stopped while the link is not up, should …
06:50 Ticket #9681 (741N fail to boot!) created by anonymous
rev 27563, TP741N sometimes will fail to boot. ping the router will get …
06:20 Changeset [27566] by nbd
ath9k: merge some pending initval fixes for ar9380
06:19 Changeset [27565] by nbd
ath9k: fix sifs time for half/quarter and remove some unnecessary defines
05:33 Changeset [27564] by nbd
ath9k: add more fixes for TKIP MIC validation
03:49 Ticket #9680 (Trunk compile failed at "make[3] -C feeds/packages/multimedia/motion") created by anonymous
Revision: 27559 Make error log: […]
03:45 Ticket #9679 (Trunk compile failed at "make[3] -C feeds/packages/libs/libcrypto++ ...) created by anonymous
Libcrypto++ is needed to build aMule. Revision: 27559 make log: …
01:38 Ticket #9677 (no new trunk builds) closed by jow
invalid: we do not support snapshot builds
00:26 Ticket #9678 (ar71xx: DE locate, but channel 12 and 13 are disabled) created by anonymous
openwrt trunk on tp1043: cat /etc/config/wireless […] option …
00:21 Ticket #9677 (no new trunk builds) created by anonymous
here are now new builds: …
00:02 Ticket #9667 (usb-modeswitch-data fail to download) closed by swalker
00:02 Ticket #9676 (Error compiling usb-modeswitch-data from trunk) closed by swalker


19:19 Changeset [27563] by nbd
ath9k: add a temporary uci option for setting the channel bandwidth
19:19 Changeset [27562] by nbd
ath9k: add more fixes for half/quarter rate support
16:36 Changeset [27561] by blogic
set correct board in tapidemo when building a falcon image
16:25 Changeset [27560] by blogic
packages/usb-modeswitch bump to 1.1.8 a new version of usb-modeswitch and …
15:06 Ticket #9676 (Error compiling usb-modeswitch-data from trunk) created by Crazy
/home/crazy/Scrivania/openwrt/trunk/scripts/download.pl …
13:15 Changeset [27559] by kaloz
[toolchain/gcc]: the only reasons for having 4.4 around are avr32 and …
11:41 Changeset [27558] by kaloz
[cns3xxx/3.0]: use the new upstream l2cache and wdt code, smaller changes, …
11:33 Changeset [27557] by kaloz
[generic/3.0]: add mpcore_wdt fixes
11:09 Ticket #8446 (ath9k 11n fast dies with mac80211 2010-12-09) closed by nbd
duplicate: this ticket is getting messy, please do not reopen it or add to it. if …
11:07 Ticket #7363 (wndr3700 : ath9k wireless stop working after a while) closed by nbd
duplicate: this ticket is getting messy, please do not reopen it or add to it. if …
11:03 Ticket #9662 (WNDR3700 fails to make connections when Apple Time Machine is backing up) closed by nbd
duplicate: looks like a duplicate of #9674
10:13 Changeset [27556] by nbd
toolchain: remove a dependency on a nonexistant config symbol (thx, Sedat …
09:14 Ticket #9671 (Trunk compile failed at "make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc prepare") closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r27555, thanks
09:14 Changeset [27555] by nbd
uClibc: fix messed up patch headers in fts patch (patch from #9671)
07:49 Ticket #9436 (80211n mode unusable since svn 25053 for wndr3700 + dlink dwa-160 A2) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r27554
07:49 Changeset [27554] by nbd
mac80211: fix an interop issue with some broken 802.11n clients (#9436)
07:20 Changeset [27553] by nbd
firmware-utils: rename the devname variable in mkwrgimg to avoid a clash …
07:20 Changeset [27552] by nbd
mac80211: add pending crypto bugfixes
06:09 Ticket #9675 (Not build toolchain [Not compile eglibc 2.14]) created by sav
Not build toolchain [Not compile eglibc 2.14] […]
04:51 Ticket #9674 (WNDR3700 network connection drop during heavy traffic) created by michael.mc.lam@…
WNDR3700 start dropping connection after 1-2 mins of continuous heavy …
02:01 Ticket #9673 (compex np27g (adm5120) not run WiFi) created by skydark@…
Atheros ar5005g (miniPCI) not run all openWRT builds... router: Compex …
00:19 Changeset [27551] by kaloz
[toolchain/gcc/linaro]: fix ppc toolchain build


22:20 Changeset [27550] by blogic
fix generation of falcon images for profiles
22:20 Changeset [27549] by blogic
adds 2 ASC related patches to lantiq Signed-off-by: Thomas Langer …
22:02 Changeset [27548] by blogic
add 2 new kmod defines for at24/25
21:56 Changeset [27547] by blogic
adds lantiq packages/drivers
21:56 Changeset [27546] by blogic
add new lantiq target
21:56 Changeset [27545] by blogic
add atm header patch needed by ltq-dsl
21:56 Changeset [27544] by blogic
drop ifxmips
20:21 Ticket #9672 (Missing selection options for kmod-fs-ext3) closed by jow
wontfix: kmod-fs-ext4 is able to mount ext2 & ext3.
20:21 Changeset [27543] by blogic
kmod-dm9000 should build as a module
20:20 Changeset [27542] by blogic
fix up falcon kernel config
20:20 Changeset [27541] by blogic
fix i2c-falcon kmod package selection
20:20 Changeset [27540] by blogic
fix ltq-vmmc SoC dependency
20:20 Changeset [27539] by blogic
update ltq-vmmc patches
20:20 Changeset [27538] by blogic
replace all references to xway with danube
20:20 Changeset [27537] by blogic
fix lantiq image makefile to represent new split between ar9 and danube
20:20 Changeset [27536] by blogic
add ar9 specific profile
20:20 Changeset [27535] by blogic
rename xway profile to danube and remove ar9 specifics
20:20 Changeset [27534] by blogic
remove ar9 board from xway profiles
20:20 Changeset [27533] by blogic
update ltq-tapidemo to
20:20 Changeset [27532] by blogic
remove CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS references from lantiq 3.0 patches
20:20 Changeset [27531] by blogic
update ltq-ifxos to version 1.5.14
20:19 Changeset [27530] by blogic
fixes ltq-vmmc for none falcon targets
20:19 Changeset [27529] by blogic
pjsip-ltq-tap is for all lantiq targets
19:18 Changeset [27528] by kaloz
[cns3xxx]: refresh patches
19:18 Changeset [27527] by kaloz
[cns3xxx]: refresh patches
19:17 Changeset [27526] by kaloz
[cns3xxx]: enable smp support
19:17 Changeset [27525] by kaloz
[cns3xxx]: make smp code more similar to upstream
18:58 Ticket #9672 (Missing selection options for kmod-fs-ext3) created by neiro
Hi, I last update trunk, in Kernel modules->Filesystems configuration …
15:46 Ticket #9671 (Trunk compile failed at "make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc prepare") created by ylxu72@…
Revision: 27521 Make error log: $ make V=99 […]
15:30 Changeset [27524] by kaloz
[generic/3.0]: 3.0 is at rc6 now
15:01 Changeset [27523] by juhosg
ar71xx: build image for the AP121 boards with 4M of flash
15:01 Changeset [27522] by juhosg
ar71xx: add separate profiles for the AP121 and AP121-MINI boards
13:42 Ticket #8010 (build for cavium econa cns3xxx board not booting) closed by kaloz
fixed: trunk works now
13:26 Ticket #9670 (RB750 AR7240 switch - No led functions.) created by grami.moss@…
using Backfire (10.03.1-RC5, r27450) with the new patch for builtin …
13:10 Changeset [27521] by jow
[packages] avahi: disable the dbus support on brcm-2.4, it does not build
12:45 Changeset [27520] by jow
[packages] boost: disable on brcm-2.4, does not build
12:28 Changeset [27519] by jow
[package] firewall: make sure that -m mac is used with --mac-source, …
12:26 Changeset [27518] by kaloz
[generic/3.0]: add support for and switch to XZ compressed kernels on ARM
12:24 Changeset [27517] by kaloz
[cns3xxx]: select the right cpu
12:23 Changeset [27516] by jow
[packages] qt4: disable on brcm-2.4, it fails due to missing tslib support
11:44 Ticket #9669 (DIR-825 B2 (AR7161) - wireless broken by default) created by da_alex
I have DLINK DIR-825 (B2) and I have the same problem like this: …
11:43 Changeset [27515] by florian
[package] add perf
11:43 Changeset [27514] by florian
[kernel] fix building of perf for arm on uclibc
11:42 Changeset [27513] by florian
[toolchain] uclibc: backport FTS support
11:42 Changeset [27512] by florian
[realview] enable support for perf events
11:42 Changeset [27511] by florian
[malta] enable perf counter support
11:42 Changeset [27510] by florian
[toolchain] eglibc: add support for 2.14
11:42 Changeset [27509] by florian
[toolchain] remove reference to old eglibc versions.
10:59 Changeset [27508] by cshore
[package] firewall: also correct another variable missed in previous …
10:54 Changeset [27507] by cshore
[package] firewall: fix wrong variable names for protocol command line …
10:07 Changeset [27506] by florian
[package] elfutils: link with libargp
10:07 Changeset [27505] by florian
[package] argp-standalone: should be compile with fpic
09:16 Ticket #9654 (ath: DMA failed to stop in 10 ms) reopened by Pilot6 <hanipouspilot@…>
Not fixed. […] trunk r27489 tp-link 1043.
07:18 Changeset [27504] by cshore
[packages] libs/avahi: Version bump (forgotten on previous update)
06:21 Ticket #9588 (openvpn-easy-rsa remove dependency on openvpn) closed by cshore
fixed: Still called openvpn-easy-rsa, but the unneeded (I checked) dependency on …
06:20 Changeset [27503] by cshore
[packages] openvpn: openvpn-easy-rsa doesn't actually depend on openvpn, …
06:08 Ticket #9637 (on ANY ubuntu system, cannot compile perl) closed by cshore
05:31 Ticket #6565 (latest builds unconditionally assigns to eth0 regardless of ...) closed by cshore
fixed: This has been working for some time. Need a new report if it shows up …
05:27 Ticket #8888 ([PATCH] for miniupnpd, issue sendto(udp_notify=6, No such ...) closed by cshore
05:24 Ticket #6088 (Separate vlans (DMZ, multi-wan, etc) are temporarily bridged with the LAN ...) closed by cshore
05:18 Ticket #9553 (Freeswitch package mod-xml-cdr is missing its config file) closed by cshore
05:17 Ticket #9552 (Freeswitch package mod-syslog is missing its config file) closed by cshore
05:16 Ticket #9551 (FreeSwitch package mod-cdr-csv is missing the config file) closed by cshore
05:09 Changeset [27502] by cshore
[ar7] base-files: diag.sh: added failsafe led definition
04:52 Changeset [27501] by cshore
[package] base-files: preinit: Fixed sourcing of diag.sh in /etc/preinit. …
01:43 Ticket #9668 (Patch for TP-Link TL-WR743 support, updated for trunk r27340) created by bofh
attachd the updated (for trunk r27340) patch form #9587 for the TP-Link …
00:49 Ticket #9667 (usb-modeswitch-data fail to download) created by Elphidium
usb-modeswitch-data fails download when making. 404 not found.
00:10 Changeset [27500] by jow
[package] firewall: - solve scoping issues when multiple values are used, …
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