23:33 Ticket #7246 (Missing support for broadcom serial flash support for brcm47xx target) closed by hauke
fixed: Serial flash support for the brcm47xx tagert is included in OpenWrt trunk …
22:45 Ticket #10236 (Kernel compile Error Orion + Kernel 3.1-rc4) created by anonymous
Hello, i tryed to compile ORION with kernel 3.1-rc4 and i got this error: …
20:55 Changeset [28461] by jow
[backfire/packages] merge r28460
20:55 Changeset [28460] by jow
[packages] wshaper: use ifname option of interfaces, use input value as …
19:17 Ticket #9191 (ath9k-htc AP mode) closed by hauke
fixed: This is included in trunk and backfire now.
19:07 Ticket #10195 (Dockstar and carl9170 failed to parse firmware in trunk r28368) closed by hauke
fixed: Fixed in r28436
18:59 Ticket #10219 (unable to compile can not get file iw-3.1.tar.bz2) closed by hauke
18:53 Ticket #10232 (http://patchwork.openwrt.org/patch/44/) closed by hauke
invalid: This patch is already applied in trunk r22444, there is no need to do that …
14:39 Ticket #10235 (Outgoing calls with chan_gtalk (in asterisk) fail due to a change in ...) created by iiordanov@…
Outgoing calls with an unpatched chan_gtalk fail. For reference to the …
06:28 Ticket #10218 (ar71xx regression) closed by jow
03:06 Changeset [28459] by jow
[backfire/packages] opkg: merge r28458
03:05 Changeset [28458] by jow
[package] opkg: fix a double free of pkg vectors when recursively removing …


23:38 Ticket #10233 (Can not compile httping with brcm-2.4) created by j.tuvix@…
Can't compile httping-1.5.2 with the brcm-2.4 and 10.03.1 RC5. I'm no …
21:07 Ticket #10232 (http://patchwork.openwrt.org/patch/44/) created by anonymous
this patch does not apply in trunk
16:44 Ticket #10230 (Missing modules in asterisk18) created by iiordanov@…
Hi, I've developed a PBX interface for OpenWRT, but some of the features …
15:22 Changeset [28457] by jow
[backfire/packages] wshaper: merge r28456
15:21 Changeset [28456] by jow
[packages] wshaper: add a missing INSTALL_DIR
15:12 Ticket #9293 (wshaper 'tc filter add' call returns ENOENT) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r28454, r28455
14:41 Changeset [28455] by jow
[backfire/packages] merge r28454
14:35 Changeset [28454] by jow
[PATCH] Wondershaper uci config and modules fix Hi, this patch adds uci …
13:42 Changeset [28453] by hcg
[package] udev: Provide define to enable compilation with kernel …
13:00 Ticket #8897 (Seems like lcd4linux r1143 got broken.) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [28452] on backfire, thanks! Also, lcd4linux-r1159.tar.bz2 was …
12:56 Changeset [28452] by nico
[backfire/packages] lcd4linux: add fix for 'log2l/log2f' issue (closes: …
12:54 Changeset [28451] by nico
[backfire/packages] lcd4linux: refresh patches
12:09 Changeset [28450] by nico
[backfire/packages] darkstat: merge [28449]
12:07 Changeset [28449] by nico
[packages] darkstat: fix build failure conv.c: In function 'strtonum': …
10:38 Ticket #10228 (Remove luci--i18n-english destroy luci functionality) created by anonymous
This is openwrt backfire rc5 on tp-link wrt Cause i'm german with german …


20:26 Ticket #10227 (something wrong with transmission-daemon) closed by obsy
20:00 Ticket #10227 (something wrong with transmission-daemon) created by anonymous
I compiled trunk r28442 and selected transmission-daemon, but …
19:26 Changeset [28448] by nico
[backfire/packages] owfs, nfs-utils: remove dependency on librpc
19:25 Changeset [28447] by nico
[backfire/packages] dmapd: merge [28446]
19:23 Changeset [28446] by nico
[packages] dmapd: fix dependency on libdb47, bump release number
19:20 Changeset [28445] by nico
[backfire/packages] libspe2: remove, backfire has no ps3 target
19:16 Changeset [28444] by nico
[backfire/packages] petitboot: remove, backfire has no ps3 target
16:31 Changeset [28443] by jow
[backfire] merge r28442
16:29 Changeset [28442] by jow
[package] mac80211: autoload ath9k_htc after USB controller drivers
15:18 Changeset [28441] by nico
[backfire/packages] gst-ffmpeg: merge [28440]
15:17 Changeset [28440] by nico
[packages] gst-ffmpeg: force use of embedded FFmpeg headers
14:21 Changeset [28439] by hauke
[backfire] merge r28436
14:18 Changeset [28438] by hauke
[backfire] merge r28433
14:13 Changeset [28437] by hauke
mac80211: fix some dependencies and make lib80211 compile without cfg80211 …
14:02 Changeset [28436] by hauke
mac80211: use new version of carl80211 firmware This firmware is …
13:58 Changeset [28435] by nico
[backfire/packages] libmicrohttpd: merge [28434]
13:54 Changeset [28434] by nico
[packages] libmicrohttpd: cleanup & fix * add dependency on libpthread …
13:34 Changeset [28433] by hauke
mac80211: use correct firmware for ath9k_htc The old firmware for …
13:13 Changeset [28432] by nico
[backfire/packages] pyserial: merge [28431]
13:11 Changeset [28431] by nico
[packages] pyserial: fix build
12:53 Ticket #10226 (TX-POWER bug in r28428) created by alexandr.kosuhin@…
Dear Sirs In r28428 exist bug with tx-power option in file …
12:51 Ticket #10225 (Issue with UDP connections) created by anonymous
I upgraded from 10.03.1 RC4 to 10.03.1 RC5 and have the following problem. …
12:43 Ticket #10224 (Problem with trunk and Packages.gz) created by Sebastian
Content of Packages.gz is different from Packages. eg .gz has …
08:31 Ticket #10223 (accidently bridging station mode make station unreachable) created by anonymous
accidently bridging station mode (wrong selection of mode client instead …


19:02 Ticket #10222 (python package forces compilation of unnecessary libraries when only ...) created by pholland27 (at) gmail.com
if you select only the python-mini package, it will still force the …
16:04 Changeset [28430] by jow
[backfire/packages] merge r28429
16:03 Changeset [28429] by jow
[packages] openl2tp: ship generated RPC sources as many distros lack …
14:23 Ticket #10221 (package git: the '/usr/libexec/git-core' have wrong symbolic) created by xiangfu@…
for example under '/usr/libexec/git-core' there is get_merge -> git it …
14:22 Ticket #10220 (package git: the '/usr/libexec/git-core' have wrong symbolic) created by xiangfu@…
for example under '/usr/libexec/git-core' there is get_merge -> git it …
12:42 Changeset [28428] by kaloz
[tools]: add upx, but make it build only for ppc now
08:51 Changeset [28427] by nico
[packages/backfire] twisted: merge [28426]
08:50 Changeset [28426] by nico
[packages] twisted: add build dependency on librpc on uClibc, fix PyMod …
08:46 Ticket #10219 (unable to compile can not get file iw-3.1.tar.bz2) created by bcmalloy
unable to compile can not get file iw-3.1.tar.bz2 […]
05:35 Ticket #10218 (ar71xx regression) created by Xebec
Looks like one of August or September patches (it took me that long to …
01:10 Changeset [28425] by jow
[backfire/packages] merge r28424
01:07 Changeset [28424] by jow
[packages] distribute: make the host build depend on python to ensure that …
01:05 Changeset [28423] by jogo
linux: ar71xx: add support for Mikrotik Routerboard RB493G
01:05 Changeset [28422] by jogo
ar71xx: add a workaround for ar8316 not always driving the TA bit to low …
01:05 Changeset [28421] by jogo
ar8216: use mdiobus_{read,write} to ensure proper locking


20:29 Changeset [28420] by nico
[backfire/packages] l2tpv3tun: remove, needs linux kernel 2.6.33+
20:15 Changeset [28419] by jow
include: autotools.mk: do not fail in patch-libtool fixup if patch is …
19:16 Ticket #10217 (Remove package dependencies to deprecated package iptables-utils) created by hnyman
r27961 and r27962 removed the package iptables-utils, and the …
18:52 Ticket #9447 (include/libswscale is missing in Build/InstallDev) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [28418] for AA
18:50 Changeset [28418] by nico
[packages] ffmpeg: install libswscale headers (closes: #9447), cleanup
18:40 Changeset [28417] by nico
[backfire/packages] merge [28415] & [28416]
18:02 Changeset [28416] by nico
[packages] xapian-bindings: cleanup provide PYTHON_LIB, instead of …
17:55 Changeset [28415] by nico
[packages] libxapian: fix xapian-config M4 macro don't check for xapian …
17:20 Changeset [28414] by nico
[backfire/packages] hippo-canvas: merge [28413]
16:25 Changeset [28413] by nico
[packages] hippo-canvas: make python-hippo-canvas also depend on …
15:43 Changeset [28412] by jow
[package] base-files: introduce "igmp_snooping" option to toggle IGMP …
14:11 Ticket #10216 (Touch device with luci menus does not work) created by adrian@…
When I use an iPhone to go to the Luci site with Backfire (r24038), I can …
12:29 Ticket #10215 (kmod-leds-alix) created by dafydd@…
I have just downloaded a new version of the trunk and done a make …
11:19 Changeset [28411] by florian
[packag] sctp: remove binutils dependency.
10:34 Ticket #10214 (mii-tool causes reboot on a Mikrotik RouterBoard RB4xx (trunk ver. 28080)) created by tivadar.szemethy@…
mii-tool --reset causes a hard reboot (instead of resetting the iface …
09:25 Changeset [28410] by nico
[backfire/packages] freeswitch: various build fixes: * fix …
09:13 Changeset [28409] by nico
[backfire/packages] backport [28402] (distribute) & [28403] (mako) changes
05:10 Ticket #10213 (Add kernel silentoldconfig rule to the core framework) created by mathieu@…
Currently, whenever there is an option addition into the kernel, the …
04:43 Ticket #10212 (./scripts/feeds install -a can't find packages information) created by mathieu@…
Hello, When running the following command: ./scripts/feeds install -a I …
03:22 Changeset [28408] by tripolar
[packages]: update ntpd to 4.2.6p4


19:12 Changeset [28407] by mazilo
Update to the latest GIT commit and added the new application …
17:14 Changeset [28406] by blogic
[ltq-dsl] * add support for ar9 * add support for ase (vr9 support is …
17:13 Changeset [28405] by blogic
[lantiq] * update patches to 3.0 * add basic vr9 support * backport 3.1 …
17:08 Ticket #10211 (sqlite3: Please enable unlock notify API) created by Espen Jürgensen <espenjurgensen+openwrt@…>
Hi, I'm making a package which needs SQLITE_ENABLE_UNLOCK_NOTIFY to be set …
17:05 Changeset [28404] by nbd
ubus: update to latest version, includes a small bugfix for object call …
16:22 Changeset [28403] by nico
[packages] mako: remove @BROKEN, it is building againg after [28402]
16:21 Changeset [28402] by nico
[packages] distribute: install host modules in hostpython search path
15:25 Ticket #10210 (Rdate starts too early.) created by Pilot6 <hanipouspilot@…>
I connect to the Internet using openl2tp (interface vpn (ppp0)). Rdate …
14:27 Ticket #10209 (Build fails when openwrt is managed in git) created by Christian Kapeller <christian.kapeller@…>
I checked out openwrt backfire from svn, and put the whole tree into a git …
13:42 Changeset [28401] by nico
[backfire/packages] tokyocabinet: remove uClibc compat patch We have the …
13:24 Ticket #10169 (libdlna is broken because of the change [28323]) closed by nico
duplicate: See #10002
13:19 Ticket #10002 ([package] libdlna 0.2.3 needs to be fixed, did not build) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [28400], thanks!
13:18 Changeset [28400] by nico
[packages] libdlna: fix build after ffmpeg update (closes: #10002)
11:23 Changeset [28399] by florian
[package] kernel: fix i2c section after r28334
10:27 Ticket #10208 (New package - pshare) created by Igor Drach <laigor@…>
This program is a light DLNA Media Server which provides …
10:25 Ticket #10207 (New package - xupnpd) created by Igor Drach <laigor@…>
This program is a light DLNA Media Server for sharing IPTV unicast streams …
08:28 Changeset [28398] by acoul
net/mtr: update to version 0.81
04:47 Ticket #10018 ([x86] libdlna is broken because of the ffmpeg new version) closed by nico
duplicate: See #10002
04:46 Ticket #9934 (FFmpeg Packages missing libswscale include files.) closed by nico
duplicate: See #9447
04:43 Ticket #8840 (libffmpeg is broken in the backfire branch) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [28397], thanks!
04:42 Changeset [28397] by nico
[backfire/packages] ffmpeg: fix build failure on x86 (closes: #8840), …
01:58 Ticket #10154 (Distribute package broken after last update (wrong md5 hash)) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [28396], thanks! Also, the matching tarball was uploaded to …
01:54 Changeset [28396] by nico
[packages] distribute: fix MD5SUM (closes: #10154)
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