21:53 Changeset [30344] by mhei
[packages] php5: upgrade to 5.3.10, fixes CVE-2012-0830
21:40 Ticket #10919 (WRT150N bcm47xx_sflash: error registering platform driver: -19) created by kwestarz@…
WRT150N v1.1 in dmsg there is: […] This router uses pflash: […] I …
21:22 Ticket #10918 (Add/enable 802.11n support using Broadcom wl driver) created by kwestarz@…
I was possible for me to enable 802.11n using Broadcom wl driver on …
21:02 Ticket #10917 (WRT150N Broadcom wl fails with error code 11) created by lukasz.kwestarz@…
Broadcom wl driver fails with error message: […] After some analysis of …
20:30 Changeset [30343] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ftplib: merge r28996
20:23 Changeset [30342] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gphoto2: merge r30324
20:23 Changeset [30341] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libgphoto2: merge r30323
18:15 Changeset [30340] by florian
mtd: define MTDREFRESH if not defined (external kernel)
18:15 Changeset [30339] by florian
[package] iptables: don't apply patches if building an external kernel
17:14 Changeset [30338] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lcd4linux: Backfire does not implement log2f(), …
16:21 Changeset [30337] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lcd4linux: sync patches with trunk
16:18 Changeset [30336] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lftp: disable posix_fadvice on Backfire
16:05 Changeset [30335] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] memcached: merge r30334
16:04 Changeset [30334] by jow
[packages] memcached: update to v1.4.12 - fixes compilation on Backfire
16:01 Changeset [30333] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nginx: update patch
16:01 Changeset [30332] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nginx: disable posix_fadvice() on Backfire
14:40 Ticket #10912 (Not work last TRUNK firmware on linksys wrt400n) closed by florian
13:46 Changeset [30331] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] psmisc: skip fuser mount into initialization due to …
13:19 Changeset [30330] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ntpd: remove libcap dependency, disable linux …
12:57 Changeset [30329] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] baresip: merge r30328
12:54 Changeset [30328] by jow
[packages] baresip: fix build against libavcodec by removing broken compat …
11:31 Changeset [30327] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] add rem library from trunk, needed by baresip
11:22 Changeset [30326] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] re, baresip, restund: merge r30325
11:21 Changeset [30325] by jow
[packages] re, rem, baresip, restund: use another approach to find the …
11:08 Ticket #10604 (Building collectd fails on host with libgcrypt-config) reopened by puleglot@…
Please, fix this in backfire branch.
03:11 Ticket #10915 (error compiling openwrt on ubuntu 10.10) created by sahrularif@…
Hi, when compiling openwrt on my ubuntu 10.10 i got this error …
01:01 Ticket #10913 (Mjpg-streamer init script doesn't work in multicam setup) created by peter.vilhan@…
Hello all, there is some error in mjpg-streamer init.d script caused …
00:56 Ticket #10912 (Not work last TRUNK firmware on linksys wrt400n) created by anonymous
compile firmware from the latest Trunk, but it is not boot, the message to …


22:48 Ticket #10911 ([syslog-ng]: any chances to syslog-ng a little bit ealier by default?) created by Damian Kaczkowski <damian.kaczkowski@…>
BusyBox syslogd starts at S10boot. syslog-ng starts at S50syslog-ng - …
22:16 Changeset [30324] by swalker
[packages] gphoto2: update to 2.4.11, add missing libreadline dependency, …
22:15 Changeset [30323] by swalker
[packages] libgphoto2: update to 2.4.12, refresh patches
22:09 Ticket #10910 ([uci-defaults]: not all scripts are executed during first boot) created by Damian Kaczkowski <damian.kaczkowski@…>
Go to your buildroot then run: […] Select: […] Complie. Flash you …
22:08 Ticket #10679 (Configuring an external syslog server via Luci did not claim about missing ...) closed by swalker
duplicate: Dupe of #2088.
21:52 Changeset [30322] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] merge r30321
21:51 Ticket #10810 (syslog-ng - missing dependency) closed by swalker
fixed: Fixed in r30321, thanks.
21:50 Changeset [30321] by swalker
[packages] syslog-ng: add missing librt dependency (#10810)
21:44 Ticket #8449 (syslog-ng init script, PID file test) closed by swalker
fixed: Fixed in r30168.
21:40 Ticket #10584 (bug in syslog-ng init script) closed by swalker
fixed: Fixed in r30168.
21:36 Ticket #10677 (syslog-ng install/configuration bug) closed by swalker
duplicate: Dupe of #10908.
21:32 Ticket #10908 ([syslog-ng]: wrong config file path in init.d script) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r30317, r30318
21:28 Ticket #10904 (Backfire 10.03.2 httping does not compile after r30097) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r30319, r30320
21:28 Ticket #10233 (Can not compile httping with brcm-2.4) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r30319, r30320
21:27 Changeset [30320] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] merge r30319
21:25 Changeset [30319] by jow
[packages] httping: fix flags for nossl variant, define _GNU_SOURCE to get …
20:45 Changeset [30318] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] merge r30317
20:45 Changeset [30317] by jow
[packages] syslog-ng: fix config file location in init script (#10908)
20:05 Changeset [30316] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] wide-dhcpv6: backport r28929, r29222
20:01 Changeset [30315] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] radvd: backport r28927
19:54 Changeset [30314] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lsof, portmap, transocks, dsniff, snort, ipcad, …
19:40 Changeset [30313] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] batman-adv: actually merge r30272, the previous commit …
19:35 Changeset [30312] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] batman-adv: backport 2012.0.0 version from trunk
19:19 Changeset [30311] by acinonyx
[packages] libfreenect: New package
19:15 Changeset [30310] by acinonyx
[include] target.mk: Trivial comment typo fix
18:56 Changeset [30309] by acinonyx
[x86] generic: Enable HPET, HID and AT keyboard support
18:55 Ticket #10909 (Wan port (0) doesn't work) created by iceslice
Router: tp-link wr1043nd v1 After update from stock 111122 and later wan …
18:37 Changeset [30308] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] spca5xx-view: merge r29078, r29199
18:36 Changeset [30307] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] batman: merge r29199
18:15 Changeset [30306] by jow
[backfire] now that xtables-addons is merged from trunk, drop broken RTSP …
18:02 Changeset [30305] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] radvd: merge r29542
18:02 Changeset [30304] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] miredo: merge r27632, r28924
18:01 Changeset [30303] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] syslog-ng3: merge r28891, r29283
17:55 Changeset [30302] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] usb-modeswitch-data: merge r28103, r28556
17:54 Changeset [30301] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] smartmontools: merge r28326, r28918, r29199
17:53 Changeset [30300] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rrdcollect: merge r28957
17:52 Changeset [30299] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] psplash: merge r29221
17:51 Changeset [30298] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] pcsc-lite: merge r28944
17:51 Changeset [30297] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] pcmciautils: merge r29199
17:50 Changeset [30296] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mc: merge r27620, r27684, r27719, r28135, r29991
17:49 Changeset [30295] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lcd4linux: merge r28088, r28090, r28313, r28469, …
17:48 Changeset [30294] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] hd-idle: merge r26655, r28949, r28954, r29199
17:47 Changeset [30293] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] fancontroled: merge r28950
17:46 Changeset [30292] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] dbus: merge r28015, r28027, r28947
17:43 Changeset [30291] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] cmdpad: merge r28930, r29199
17:42 Changeset [30290] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bluez-utils: merge r28956, r29231, r29523
17:42 Changeset [30289] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bemused: merge r28955, r29199
17:41 Changeset [30288] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bandwidthd: merge r28946, r29199
17:41 Changeset [30287] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] at: merge r27801, r27898, r28909
17:40 Changeset [30286] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] anyremote: merge r28945, r29199
17:40 Changeset [30285] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] scmpc: merge r28968, r29199
17:38 Changeset [30284] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mpdas: merge r27709, r27710, r28969
17:37 Changeset [30283] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mpd: merge r28524, r29080
17:36 Changeset [30282] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] xtables-addons: merge r29345, r29644, r29988
17:35 Changeset [30281] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] xinetd: merge r28748, r28908
17:34 Changeset [30280] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] vsftpd: merge r28907
17:34 Changeset [30279] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] vrrpd: merge r29214
17:34 Changeset [30278] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] vpzone: merge r29094
17:33 Changeset [30277] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] usbip: merge r27745, r27746, r28512
17:32 Changeset [30276] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] updatedd: merge r29069
17:31 Changeset [30275] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] unfs3: merge r29068, r29199
17:27 Ticket #10890 (network restart does not cause batman-adv restart) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r30272
17:25 Changeset [30274] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] umurmur: merge r29891
17:24 Changeset [30273] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ulogd: merge r28919
17:23 Ticket #10901 (genext2fs fails with "not enough memory for filesystem") closed by jow
worksforme: Your configured filesystem limits are too low for the amount of packages …
17:21 Changeset [30272] by marek
batman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 2012.0.0 Also replace init …
17:20 Changeset [30271] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] transmission: merge r27718, r28280, r28289, r28342, …
17:19 Changeset [30270] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tor-alpha: merge r27693, r28158, r28341, r28902, …
17:18 Changeset [30269] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tor: merge r28157, r28209, r28340, r28742, r28902, …
17:16 Changeset [30268] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tinyproxy: merge r29173
17:16 Changeset [30267] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tftp-hpa: merge r29074
17:15 Changeset [30266] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] subversion: merge r28765, r29067
17:14 Changeset [30265] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] stun: merge r29095, r29199
17:14 Changeset [30264] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] sslh: merge r27624, r27625, r28331, r28338, r29091, …
17:12 Changeset [30263] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] sshtunnel: merge r29220
17:11 Changeset [30262] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] srelay: merge r29066
17:11 Changeset [30261] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] squid: merge r29823
17:10 Changeset [30260] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] softflowd: merge r29100, r29199
17:09 Changeset [30259] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] smtptrapd: merge r29217
17:08 Changeset [30258] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] siproxd: merge r28029, r28097, r29092
17:07 Changeset [30257] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] seeks: merge r29093
17:07 Changeset [30256] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] scanlogd: merge r28967
17:06 Changeset [30255] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] samba: merge r29199, r29251
17:05 Changeset [30254] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rsync: merge r27238, r28906, r29526
17:04 Changeset [30253] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rp-pppoe: merge r29082
17:03 Changeset [30252] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rp-l2tp: merge r29049, r29199
17:03 Changeset [30251] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rinetd: merge r29099
17:02 Changeset [30250] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] restund: merge r28757, r29096, r29199, r29791, r29800, …
17:01 Changeset [30249] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] reaim: merge r28966
17:00 Changeset [30248] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rarpd: merge r28921, r29215
17:00 Changeset [30247] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] radsecproxy: merge r29052, r29199, r29503
16:59 Changeset [30246] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] quicktun: merge r29168
16:58 Changeset [30245] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] pure-ftpd: merge r29054, r29290
16:57 Changeset [30244] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ptunnel: merge r29098, r29228
16:57 Changeset [30243] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ptpd: merge r28916
16:56 Changeset [30242] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] prosody: merge r28901, r29356
16:56 Changeset [30241] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] privoxy: merge r29151, r29805
16:55 Changeset [30240] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] portsentry: merge r28964
16:54 Changeset [30239] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] portmap: merge r29063
16:54 Changeset [30238] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] polipo: merge r29139
16:53 Changeset [30237] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] parprouted: merge r28915, r29213
16:52 Changeset [30236] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openvpn-devel: merge r26894, r29184
16:52 Changeset [30235] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openvpn: merge r28098, r28120, r29167, r29184, r29355
16:50 Changeset [30234] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openswan: merge r29580, r29581, r29582, r29584, r29585, …
16:48 Changeset [30233] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openssh: merge r28264, r28287, r28288, r28312, r28321, …
16:46 Changeset [30232] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] opennhrp: merge r27740, r28324, r28339, r28914
16:45 Changeset [30231] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] olsrd: merge r27914, r29065, r29131, r29134, r29135, …
16:44 Changeset [30230] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] oidentd: merge r28913
16:44 Changeset [30229] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ntpd: merge r28408, r28572, r28881, r28882, r28883, …
16:42 Changeset [30228] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nfs-server: merge r29181, r29199
16:41 Changeset [30227] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nfs-kernel-server: merge r28743, r28747, r28751, …
16:34 Changeset [30226] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] netperf: merge r29050
16:33 Changeset [30225] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] netatalk: merge r27660, r28478, r28482, r28483, r28593, …
16:31 Changeset [30224] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ndyndns: merge r29064
16:30 Changeset [30223] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nbd: merge r27727
16:29 Changeset [30222] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] n2n: merge r29071, r29199
16:29 Changeset [30221] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] miniupnpd: merge r28183, r29178, r29673, r29722
16:28 Changeset [30220] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mini_snmpd: merge r29040, r29062, r29182, r29211
16:26 Changeset [30219] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] memcached: merge r29061, r29269, r29784
16:25 Changeset [30218] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mdnsresponder: merge r28970, r29051, r29199
16:24 Changeset [30217] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] madwimax: merge r29218
16:23 Changeset [30216] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lsm: merge r29090, r29199
16:23 Changeset [30215] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lldpd: merge r29170, r29199
16:22 Changeset [30214] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] linuxigd: merge r29070
16:21 Changeset [30213] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lighttpd: merge r27726, r28146, r29253
16:20 Changeset [30212] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] leafnode: merge r28900
16:19 Changeset [30211] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] keepalived: merge r28920
16:19 Changeset [30210] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ipsec-tools: merge r28102, r28911, r28960
16:18 Changeset [30209] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] iodine: merge r29059, r29199
16:17 Changeset [30208] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] imspector: merge r29089
16:17 Changeset [30207] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] igmpproxy: merge r29083
16:16 Changeset [30206] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] haproxy: merge r28166, r28171, r28179, r28370, r28371, …
16:15 Ticket #10908 ([syslog-ng]: wrong config file path in init.d script) created by Damian Kaczkowski <damian.kaczkowski@…>
in file "/etc/init.d/syslog-ng" the path to config file is wrong […] …
16:13 Changeset [30205] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] frickin: merge r29060, r29216
16:11 Changeset [30204] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] freepops: merge r28958
16:10 Changeset [30203] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] dmapd: merge r28446, r28531, r29058, r29872
16:08 Changeset [30202] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] deluge: merge r29180
16:07 Changeset [30201] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ddns-scripts: merge r29909, r29977
16:06 Changeset [30200] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] cups: merge r28910
16:06 Changeset [30199] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] chaosvpn: merge r29056
16:05 Changeset [30198] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] btpd: merge r29055
16:05 Changeset [30197] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bitlbee: merge r29053
16:04 Changeset [30196] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bird: merge r28243, r29079, r29199
16:03 Changeset [30195] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] baresip: merge r28756, r29169, r29171, r29791, r29801, …
16:02 Changeset [30194] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] autossh: merge r28018, r29072, r29199
16:00 Changeset [30193] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] asterisk-1.8.x: merge r29504, r29601, r29665, r29761
15:59 Changeset [30192] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] arpwatch: merge r28912
15:59 Changeset [30191] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] aprx: merge r29048, r29199
15:58 Changeset [30190] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ushare: merge r29174, r29198
14:34 Ticket #10260 (Updated udpxy) reopened by Igor Drach <laigor@…>
Please note that my patch also contains the init script.
14:17 Ticket #10907 (New package - LUAJIT-2) created by Igor Drach <laigor@…>
LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua* programming language. …
13:10 Ticket #10906 (Remote NFS share doesn't mount from UCI fstab) created by fedel@…
This section in /etc/config/fstab: […] would not mount the remote …
12:33 Ticket #10905 (Luci statistics / collectd does not always start ok at boot) created by hnyman
I have noticed during last 2-3 weeks, that Luci statistics / collectd does …
11:20 Ticket #10904 (Backfire 10.03.2 httping does not compile after r30097) created by hnyman
Backfire httping does not compile after the bump to 1.5.2 by r30097: …
10:39 Ticket #10903 (No serial console or keyboard access and no wireless on x86) created by ecain@…
Revision: 30162 target x86_generic. Tested on a Dell d620 laptop and …
08:15 Ticket #10902 (nagios plugins require pthread) created by anonymous
While I install nagios-plugins, and execute them from command line, I've …
07:32 Ticket #7626 (qt4 build break) closed by swalker
06:12 Ticket #10901 (genext2fs fails with "not enough memory for filesystem") created by ecain@…
Revision: 30162 target x86_generic. no errors on compiling. 2 gigs working …
04:42 Changeset [30189] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] kissdx: merge r28965, r29199
04:42 Changeset [30188] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] hasciicam: merge r28997
04:40 Changeset [30187] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ssmtp: merge r29898
04:39 Changeset [30186] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] dovecot: merge r28903
04:39 Changeset [30185] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openldap: merge r28905, r29885
04:38 Changeset [30184] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mysql: merge r28083, r29176, r29199, r29908
04:36 Changeset [30183] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] howl: merge r28904
04:36 Changeset [30182] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] elfutils: merge r27866, r27892, r28028, r28032
04:34 Changeset [30181] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] cyrus-sasl: merge r27707
04:34 Changeset [30180] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] clearsilver: merge r27741
04:31 Changeset [30179] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ruby: merge r27873
04:30 Changeset [30178] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] perl-compress-bzip2: merge r28229, r28235
04:28 Changeset [30177] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] totd: merge r27610, r28928, r29199
04:27 Changeset [30176] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ptrtd: merge r28926
04:27 Changeset [30175] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mrd6: merge r28925
04:26 Changeset [30174] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] miredo: merge r28924
04:26 Changeset [30173] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gw6c: merge r28923, r29199
04:25 Changeset [30172] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ahcpd: merge r27932, r27987, r28337, r28351, r28922, …
04:22 Changeset [30171] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] 6tunnel: merge r29809
04:21 Changeset [30170] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] binutils: merge r28130, r28640
04:20 Changeset [30169] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] zabbix: merge r28892
04:20 Changeset [30168] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] syslog-ng: merge r28891
04:19 Changeset [30167] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] pmacct: merge r28468, r28890
04:18 Changeset [30166] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] osiris: merge r28889
04:17 Changeset [30165] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nrpe: merge r28777, r28888, r29199
04:16 Changeset [30164] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] monit: merge r28887
04:13 Changeset [30163] by jow
[backfire] base-files: backport r28834, r28857, r28864, r28865, r28870, …


22:11 Changeset [30162] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] wifitoggle: merge r29247
22:10 Changeset [30161] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] usbutils: merge r28159
22:07 Changeset [30160] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] usb-modeswitch: merge r28104, r28465, r28555, r28559, …
22:06 Changeset [30159] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] upx: merge r29739
22:06 Changeset [30158] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tmux: merge r27847, r27848, r27854, r27981, r29964
22:04 Changeset [30157] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tar: merge r29813
22:04 Changeset [30156] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] sispmctl: merge r27796
22:03 Changeset [30155] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] setserial: merge r29212
22:03 Changeset [30154] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] screen: merge r29199
22:02 Changeset [30153] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] sane-backends: merge r27239, r27634, r29278
22:01 Changeset [30152] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rrdtool: merge r29874
22:00 Changeset [30151] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] psmisc: merge r29738, r29937
22:00 Changeset [30150] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] powertop: merge r29250
21:59 Changeset [30149] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] owfs: merge r27858
21:59 Changeset [30148] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ntfsprogs: merge r29281
21:58 Changeset [30147] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mksh: merge r29199
21:56 Changeset [30146] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lvm2: merge r28218
21:55 Changeset [30145] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lrzsz: merge r28227, r28236
21:54 Changeset [30144] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] loop-aes: merge r28995
21:53 Changeset [30143] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] hplip: merge r28055, r29199, r29280
21:52 Changeset [30142] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gnuplot: merge r29741
21:51 Changeset [30141] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] flashrom: merge r29619
21:51 Changeset [30140] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] dialog: merge r29246
21:50 Changeset [30139] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] dash: merge r28155
21:49 Changeset [30138] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bzip2: merge r28228
21:49 Changeset [30137] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bash-completion: merge r29199
21:48 Changeset [30136] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] avrusbboot: merge r29249
21:48 Changeset [30135] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ap51-flash: merge r29199, r29230
21:45 Changeset [30134] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] znc: merge r28774, r28775, r29724, r29875
21:45 Changeset [30133] by acinonyx
[x86] generic: Add missing and remove unused config symbols
21:42 Changeset [30132] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] yaddns: merge r29362
21:42 Changeset [30131] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] wshaper: merge r29199
21:41 Changeset [30130] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] wol: merge r29199
21:41 Changeset [30129] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] wing: merge r27643, r29373
21:40 Changeset [30128] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] weechat: merge r28873
21:39 Changeset [30127] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] wavemon: merge r29740
21:38 Changeset [30126] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] vnstat: merge r29229
21:37 Changeset [30125] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] uob-nomad: merge r29199
21:33 Changeset [30124] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] umurmur: merge r29332
21:32 Changeset [30123] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] uhub: merge r29199
21:32 Changeset [30122] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] udpxy: merge r27717
21:30 Changeset [30121] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tinc: merge r27633, r27795, r29137, r29166, r29185, …
21:29 Changeset [30120] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tctool: merge r29252
21:28 Changeset [30119] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] strongswan4: merge r28016, r28017, r28517
21:27 Changeset [30118] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] snort: merge r28667
21:25 Changeset [30117] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] shorewall-lite: merge r28574, r28576
21:25 Changeset [30116] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] remotefs: merge r29248
21:23 Changeset [30115] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] quagga: merge r27913, r28319, r29128
21:19 Changeset [30114] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] p910nd: merge r29227
21:17 Changeset [30113] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openslp: merge r29199
21:16 Changeset [30112] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] openl2tp: merge r28758
21:15 Changeset [30111] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nzbget: merge r29199
21:14 Changeset [30110] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nodogsplash: merge r29199
21:14 Changeset [30109] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nocatauth: merge r29199
21:11 Changeset [30108] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nginx: merge r28511, r29361
21:09 Changeset [30107] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] natpmp: merge r29199
21:09 Changeset [30106] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] mtr: merge r28398, r29737
21:08 Changeset [30105] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] miniupnpc: merge r28184
21:06 Changeset [30104] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lftp: merge r29758
21:05 Changeset [30103] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] krb5: merge r29517
21:04 Changeset [30102] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] kamailio: merge r28938
21:03 Changeset [30101] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] irssi: merge r27829
21:03 Changeset [30100] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ipupdate: merge r29199
21:02 Changeset [30099] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] imsnif: merge r29199
21:01 Changeset [30098] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] httptunnel: merge r29199, r29226
21:00 Changeset [30097] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] httping: merge r27857, r27985
20:59 Changeset [30096] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] horst: merge r29270
20:58 Changeset [30095] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] hiawatha: merge r28232, r28479, r28480, r29360
20:57 Changeset [30094] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gpsd: merge r28844, r29199
20:47 Changeset [30093] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] freeradius2: merge r27708, r28752
20:46 Changeset [30092] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ez-ipupdate: merge r29199
20:46 Changeset [30091] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] etherwake: merge r29199
20:45 Changeset [30090] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] dudders: merge r29225
20:45 Changeset [30089] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] djbdns: merge r29199
20:44 Changeset [30088] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ditg: merge r28091, r28152
20:43 Changeset [30087] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ddns-scripts: merge r29368
20:42 Changeset [30086] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] darkstat: merge r29224
20:42 Changeset [30085] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] crowdcontrol: merge r29199
20:41 Changeset [30084] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] coova-chilli: merge r28061
20:41 Changeset [30083] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] chrony: merge r28330
20:40 Changeset [30082] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bmxd: merge r29704, r29733
20:39 Changeset [30081] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] bind: merge r24880, r26068, r28014, r29197
20:37 Changeset [30080] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] babel: merge r27933, r27987, r28119, r28239, r29512
20:35 Changeset [30079] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] axel: merge r29199
20:34 Changeset [30078] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] apf: merge r29199
20:34 Changeset [30077] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] apcupsd: merge r29199
20:33 Changeset [30076] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] amwall: merge r29199
20:32 Changeset [30075] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] motion: merge r28325, r29196
20:30 Changeset [30074] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] icecast: merge r29199, r29268
20:29 Changeset [30073] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gmediaserver: merge r29199
20:28 Changeset [30072] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ftpd-topfield: merge r29199, r29223
20:15 Changeset [30071] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] crtmpserver: merge r29785
20:13 Changeset [30070] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] xmail: merge r29199
19:54 Changeset [30069] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nullmailer: merge r29199
19:54 Changeset [30068] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] msmtp: merge r27725
19:53 Changeset [30067] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] xmlrpc-c: merge r29845
19:51 Changeset [30066] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] vips: merge r28062, r28064, r28533, r29057
19:50 Changeset [30065] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] sqlite3: merge r28481, r29154, r29736
19:49 Changeset [30064] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] spandsp: merge r29792
19:48 Changeset [30063] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] sctp: merge r28411
19:48 Changeset [30062] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] rrdtool-1.0.x: merge r29874
19:47 Changeset [30061] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] re: merge r28754, r29791, r29793, r29799, r29816, …
19:44 Changeset [30060] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] postgresql: merge r27856, r29199
19:44 Changeset [30059] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] polarssl: merge r29331, r29336
19:43 Changeset [30058] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] lzo: merge r27598
19:41 Changeset [30057] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libupnp: merge r26013, r29367, r29632
19:40 Changeset [30056] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libsndfile: merge r28065, r28067
19:39 Changeset [30055] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libpam: merge r28316, r28317, r28345, r28346, r28347, …
19:38 Changeset [30054] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libosip2: merge r27886, r28099
19:37 Changeset [30053] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libnatpmp: merge r27692, r29757
19:36 Changeset [30052] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libmikmod: merge r29263
19:35 Changeset [30051] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libgpg-error: merge r27658
19:35 Changeset [30050] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libgcrypt: merge r27659
19:34 Changeset [30049] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libftdi: merge r28328
19:33 Changeset [30048] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libevent2: merge r28156, r28741, r29487
19:32 Changeset [30047] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libevent: merge r28537
19:32 Changeset [30046] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libdmapsharing: merge r28296, r28531
19:30 Changeset [30045] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] libdbi: merge r29529
19:30 Changeset [30044] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ldns: merge r29795
19:29 Ticket #10900 (Firewall - Traffic Rules - Add - ICMPv6 types = IPv4) created by John Allen <zzz2002@…>
If you try to add an ICMPv6 rule, the list of rule types presented is the …
19:29 Changeset [30043] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gsl: merge r27645
19:28 Changeset [30042] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gdbm: merge r28217, r28221, r28237
19:27 Changeset [30041] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] gd: merge r29254
19:26 Changeset [30040] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] fcgi: merge r28373
19:25 Changeset [30039] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] curl: merge r29771, r29775, r29787, r29841
19:23 Changeset [30038] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] axtls: merge r28100
19:21 Changeset [30037] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] python: merge r29276, r29277, r29369
19:15 Changeset [30036] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] distribute: merge r28216, r28396, r28402, r28424
19:14 Changeset [30035] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] tspc: merge r29199
19:13 Changeset [30034] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] shorewall6-lite: merge r28058, r28059, r28060
19:08 Changeset [30033] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ndisc: merge r29759
19:05 Changeset [30032] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] ipv6calc: merge r29804
18:29 Changeset [30031] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] nagios: merge r29199
18:28 Changeset [30030] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] merge r29199
18:26 Changeset [30029] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] htop: merge r29810, r29819, r29840
18:15 Changeset [30028] by jow
[backfire] generic-2.6: enable inotify support - backport of r27853
14:07 Ticket #10899 (ramdisk image error for Orion) created by dcheng
While preparing a lzma compressed ramdisk image for a Netgear WNR854T …
11:17 Changeset [30027] by jogo
brcm63xx: add support for linux 3.3
11:17 Changeset [30026] by jogo
kernel: fix netfilter layer7 compilation in 3.3


21:17 Changeset [30025] by jogo
x86: make alix platform patch apply to 3.3 Based on a patch from Philip …
20:47 Changeset [30024] by jow
[x86] disable additional PATA drivers in global 3.2 and 3.3 config, remove …
20:21 Changeset [30023] by jow
[PATCHv2 1/1] x86: trivial -- add missing CONFIG_GEOS symbol to top-level …
20:00 Ticket #10898 (Enable support for RaLink Rt3062 for Vodafone(Arcor) Easybox 803 ...) created by anonymous
Add option config RT2800PCI_RT35XX to build module for rt3062 …
19:27 Ticket #10897 (incorrect txpower output) created by Halo2
Same on WZR-HP-AG300H (AR9280) as on Ubiquiti UB5 (AR5414) (ar71xx …
19:24 Ticket #10896 (Strange txpower values) created by Halo2
Difference between Netgear WNDR3700(v1) and Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H: Both: …
19:22 Ticket #10895 (strange txpower behaviour) created by Halo2
Here on Buffalo wzr-hp-ag300h: iw reg get: […] iw phy0 info: […] …
19:20 Ticket #10894 (strange txpower bug) created by Halo2
Here on Buffalo wzr-hp-ag300h: 5GHz (2,4GHz is affected the same way, but …
19:19 Ticket #10893 ([trunk] Minor issues with Net 5501 config files.) closed by jow
obsolete: This patch has been obsoleted by r30020 and r30021.
19:16 Changeset [30022] by jow
[PATCH 1/1] geos: backport driver from linux-next to 3.2 and 3.3 The Geos …
19:14 Changeset [30021] by jow
[PATCHv2 1/1] net5501: backport drivers from linux-next Backport net5501 …
19:12 Changeset [30020] by jow
[PATCH 1/1] leds.mk: remove obsolete references to leds-alix and …
19:02 Changeset [30019] by jow
[PATCH 1/1] x86: move additional oddball PATA drivers These should only be …
18:43 Ticket #7870 (CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_SQUASHFS=y does not output a real squashfs file) closed by jow
worksforme: Looks fine to me. This is no raw squashfs but rather header + kernel + …
18:41 Ticket #7868 (wrong ipk dependencies for CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-usb-core=y) closed by jow
fixed: The handling of builtin modules works as expected in trunk now, I'm not …
18:38 Ticket #10572 (Unable to Compile Backfire) closed by jow
invalid: No as I have not the slightest clue what changes fix Trunk and what your …
18:31 Ticket #8728 (After flash new firmware 10.03.1-rc4 to my RouterStationPro I am not able ...) closed by jow
worksforme: Such questions should be placed in the forum, also it works for me.
18:26 Ticket #8922 (Luci mount points configuration does not recognize uuid option, nor does ...) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with LuCI 0.10.0 / Backfire 10.03.1
18:20 Ticket #9363 (amule reports out of space while using usb hard disk as extroot /overlay) closed by jow
wontfix: Thats a known deficiency of mini_fo, therfore opkg gained support for the …
18:17 Ticket #9879 (Radvd related errors in Backfire after update to radvd 1.8) closed by jow
worksforme: There are no HUP signals anymore, those messages might happen if the LuCI …
18:15 Ticket #9937 (3g protocol does not honor 'option peerdns' and option 'dns') closed by jow
fixed: This has been fixed with 10.03.1
18:13 Ticket #9946 (Errors in sysinit on latest backfire (RC6)) closed by jow
fixed: I believe this issue has been addressed with recent firewall updates.
18:08 Ticket #10259 (Patch to add support uClibc 0.9.32 in Backfire) closed by jow
wontfix: We're not going to switch the uClibc version in Backfire, its frozen. …
17:59 Ticket #9852 (status->overview->network->ipv4 wan interface netmask is undefined) closed by jow
fixed: This has been addressed in recent LuCI versions.
17:55 Ticket #8507 (Lost control web, ssh,telnet) closed by jow
worksforme: We got no similar reports for 10.03.1 on the TL-WR1043ND therefore I …
17:54 Ticket #9828 (Luci 0.9 on wrt54g ver 2 with backfire r24038 problems- web save does not ...) closed by jow
fixed: Multiwan has been confirmed working on 10.03.1
17:53 Ticket #7961 (mdadm is not working (probably something is missing in the kernel)) closed by jow
no_response: So apparently nothing.
17:48 Ticket #9975 (ushare not working in RC5) closed by jow
worksforme: Incompatible repo used.
17:47 Ticket #9959 (openwrt libgcc "ELF file data encoding not little-endian" on Fedora 15) closed by jow
worksforme: I had no trouble building the entire Backfire release on CentOS 5.6, …
17:46 Ticket #10121 (MPD in 10.03.1-rc5 fails to load utf8 files) closed by jow
fixed: I believe this has been addressed with r30006 and r30014, both changes …
17:43 Changeset [30018] by jow
[backfire] switch to packages_10.03.2 feed
17:41 Ticket #9759 (TP-LINK TL-WN821N can't connent to the WR1043ND in 802.11N mode) closed by jow
fixed: I can achieve N-mode connections successfully between TL-WN722N and a …
17:38 Ticket #9945 (WiFi Auto channel dont work) closed by jow
fixed: This has been fixed, auto now defaults to the minimum available channel in …
17:37 Ticket #9903 (Setting an IPv6 address for lan with disables dhcp for IPv4) closed by jow
fixed: This was a LuCI bug, it is solved in recent versions.
17:36 Ticket #10396 (/etc/init.d/dhcp6c has problems detecting lowendian system) closed by jow
obsolete: The actual problem was a Busybox segfault in hexdump which has been …
17:30 Ticket #9303 (rrdtool-1.0.50 compile error. user eglibc) closed by jow
obsolete: I assume this has been dealt with by now. If the error still occurs, open …
17:29 Ticket #8873 (luci-app-ushare is not installable) closed by jow
fixed: This should be fixed in recent LuCI versions.
17:28 Ticket #8775 (Luci doesn't show bridge properly) closed by jow
fixed: This should be fixed in recent LuCI versions.
17:23 Ticket #8076 (uci memory leak on commit) closed by jow
worksforme: Cannot reproduce it here. I suppose you simply aggregated lots of staged …
17:20 Ticket #7869 (OpenWrt-ImageBuilder-kirkwood-for-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 is empty) closed by jow
worksforme: Looks like a host issue to me. Out of space?
17:19 Ticket #7855 (LuCI interface to DNSMASQ does not support list of 'addnhosts' entries) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with http://luci.subsignal.org/trac/changeset/6397
17:16 Ticket #9781 (RC5 WiFi channel 12 13 problem) closed by jow
wontfix: We cannot fix this problem yet, there are several easy to apply …
17:15 Ticket #8191 (SSH connection to OpenWRT hangs on exit) closed by jow
fixed: I believe this issue has been addressed with 10.03.1.
17:10 Ticket #8090 (calling "make" in ImageBuildsystem fails if directory is not called ...) closed by jow
wontfix: The buildroot is not designed to be relocatable.
17:09 Ticket #8121 (uhttpd does not compile) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with http://luci.subsignal.org/trac/changeset/7351
16:58 Changeset [30017] by jow
[packages_10.03.2] merge r30006
16:53 Changeset [30016] by jow
add packages_10.03.2 in preparation for the 10.03.2 interim release
16:49 Changeset [30015] by jow
[packages_10.03.1] revert r30005 - it was not meant to end up here
16:43 Changeset [30014] by jow
[packages] libiconv: fix iconv() return value in E2BIG error case, fixes …
16:29 Ticket #10893 ([trunk] Minor issues with Net 5501 config files.) reopened by j.scruggs@…
I found another minor issue with the Net 5501 series. The definition in …
15:19 Ticket #10893 ([trunk] Minor issues with Net 5501 config files.) closed by jow
fixed: Comitted in r30013, thanks!
15:19 Changeset [30013] by jow
[x86] net5501: adjust CFLAGS and package selection (#10893) This patches …
15:13 Ticket #10893 ([trunk] Minor issues with Net 5501 config files.) created by j.scruggs@…
I originally was going to post a complete fix up for the 2.6.x series of …
14:38 Ticket #10892 (easy-rsa package: build-ca fails error in line 151 openssl.cnf) created by anonymous
I tried to build a CA with build-ca like it is described in the openvpn …
11:26 Changeset [30012] by nbd
ath9k: backport fixes from r30009, r30010
11:26 Changeset [30011] by nbd
mac80211: remove accidentally committed file
11:23 Changeset [30010] by nbd
ath9k: fix CTS timeout issues in 2.4 ghz
11:23 Changeset [30009] by nbd
ath9k: fix WEP connection issues
11:17 Changeset [30008] by nbd
netifd: set the network device in uci state as well to avoid further …
10:44 Changeset [30007] by nbd
ar71xx: add usb on the pb92 board
02:29 Changeset [30006] by jow
[packages] libiconv: implement UTF-8 encode/decode Implement own UTF-8 …
02:28 Changeset [30005] by jow
[packages] libiconv: implement UTF-8 encode/decode Implement own UTF-8 …
00:16 Changeset [30004] by nbd
netifd: update to latest, fixes removing deleted interfaces on config …
00:01 Changeset [30003] by nbd
netifd: fix legacy scripts that expect the ifname option to be mapped to …


23:05 Ticket #10891 (mpd-full is built with --with-tremor=no) created by turl@…
I am currently running MPD on my router (which doesn't have a floating …
22:01 Changeset [30002] by jogo
x86: add 3.3 generic symbols Copy x86/config-3.2 to x86/config-3.3 and …
20:26 Changeset [30001] by jow
[PATCH 1/1] alix2: backport platform driver updates from linux-next Add …
20:11 Changeset [30000] by jow
[x86] alix2, geos, net5501: remove kmod-ledtrig-netfilter, its not used by …
20:06 Changeset [29999] by jow
[x86] alix2, goes, net5501: clean up default packages Remove packages …
20:00 Changeset [29998] by jow
[x86] alix2, net5501: bump both subtargets to Linux 3.2.2 to align with …
19:59 Changeset [29997] by jow
[x86] geos: add missing files from previous commit
19:58 Changeset [29996] by jow
[PATCH 2/2] geos: backport Geos driver from linux-next Backport of …
19:44 Changeset [29995] by jow
[PATCH 1/2] geos: cleanup GPIO driver name In 3.1, the old drivers/char/ …
19:41 Changeset [29994] by jow
[PATCH] net5501: correct net5501 h/w configuration Bump to version 3.2. …
17:26 Ticket #10890 (network restart does not cause batman-adv restart) created by donour@…
The batman-adv init script is not configured to restart automatically on …
15:06 Changeset [29993] by jow
[backfire] iwinfo: backport r29992
15:06 Changeset [29992] by jow
[package] iwinfo: fix segmentation fault when doing two consecutive scans …
14:19 Ticket #10889 (Midnight commander warning, asking Syntax dir) closed by jow
fixed: Fixed with r29991 - thanks!
14:16 Changeset [29991] by jow
[packages] mc: use autoreconf fixup, remove custom Build/Prepare override, …
13:28 Ticket #10889 (Midnight commander warning, asking Syntax dir) created by anonymous
Midnight commander warning about Syntax dir when open internal editor. …
13:12 Changeset [29990] by tripolar
[packages]: update ntpd to 4.2.6p5
11:02 Changeset [29989] by jow
[packages] collectd: fix build on machines using zsh for /bin/sh
11:01 Changeset [29988] by jow
[packages] xtables-addons: update to v1.41
11:01 Changeset [29987] by jow
ndppd: initial import (release 0.2.1) Hi, here is a patch to add a …
10:28 Ticket #10888 (Add cvstrac to packages repository) created by Denis Kostousov <d.kostousov@…>
Add cvstrac with git support to package …
09:23 Changeset [29986] by jogo
kernel: add preliminary support for linux 3.3 Based on 3.3-rc2
09:23 Changeset [29985] by jogo
kernel: update module names and add new config symbols for linux 3.3
03:17 Ticket #9770 (Linksys WRT400N phy1 (5GHz) didn't work) reopened by romasik
5Ghz on Linksys WRT400n not works !!!! Configuration file: …


22:17 Changeset [29984] by jow
[backfire] mkimage: backport Darwin 10.7 fix from r27917
22:10 Changeset [29983] by jow
[backfire] tools: merge r27916 (OS X 10.7 getline fix)
20:37 Changeset [29982] by jow
[branches] backfire: backport cmake integration updates from trunk
19:34 HardwareDonors edited by juhosg
17:46 Ticket #6435 (udhcpc classless routes handle fix) reopened by devel@…
The current implementation of set_classless_routes in …
17:18 Ticket #10887 (not working BCM43222 [14e4:a8d6]) created by bsmail_f1@…
This is radio not detecting wl, mac80211, b43 See ticket: #10877
16:31 Changeset [29981] by jow
[PATCH] alix2: correct h/w configuration Bump to version 3.2. Simplify and …
16:17 Changeset [29980] by jow
[backfire] merge automake Makefile from trunk
16:09 Ticket #10877 (broadcom-wl not detect BCM43222 [14e4:a8d6]) closed by jow
invalid: This ticket is about broadcom-wl, open a separate one for mac80211 …
16:06 Changeset [29979] by jow
[tools] automake: forcibly disable perl ithreads support The SDK when …
12:40 Ticket #10848 (ddns-script premature update) closed by acinonyx
fixed: Fixed in r29977. Thanks!
08:55 Ticket #10877 (broadcom-wl not detect BCM43222 [14e4:a8d6]) reopened by bsmail_f1@…
bcm80211 not detect […] How to get working this radio?
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